Week 7 [2021]

By | February 22, 2021

Hey ya’ll! Last week I mentioned I was thinking of renaming my “The Weekly” posts. I had thought about calling them “Life Lately” or something like that. But for now I think I’m just going to use the Week # and the year. Simple and to the point. And who knows I may end up changing it again.

Rob and Drew have been so anxious to see how many season tickets people would be allowed to purchase. We got an email a couple weeks ago that they would only allowed 20% capacity, which is really total overkill in my opinion. With Rob and I both having purchased season tickets for years, we were both able to get 2 tickets to 11 total games out of 33, I believe. The breakdown was:
o Up to 6 Non-Conference games
o Up to 2 Non-Premium SEC games (UK & TAMU series)
o Up to 3 Premium SEC games (MSU, UF, & LSU series)
Rob made a spreadsheet so that we could rank the games to ensure we knew exactly what to purchase.

2021-02-11 19.09.23
We logged in last Monday morning and we were both able to get all the tickets he and Drew really wanted. We made the most of it, by getting 2 tickets to 22 games instead of 4 tickets to 11 games.

Tuesday we woke up to a very cold morning and very thin layer of ice on everything. It was weird because North Alabama and even South Alabama got some snow, but over here in East Alabama…nothing. I’m still shocked at all the issues in Texas. I think my family faired pretty well considering all the horror stories I read.

2021-02-16 09.33.57
Our new carpet was supposed to be installed on Tuesday, but the carpet didn’t come in in time, they also mentioned that they did also bring it to carpet cleaning pittsburgh. Here’s Alex’s room all cleared and ready for the installers to move the furniture.

2021-02-18 07.28.54
Wednesday evening we worshiped at home by watching the Ash Wednesday service online. Our church made ash kits with ashes and a Lenten devotional.

2021-02-17 19.19.36
Thursday the carpet installers came, moved the furniture out of 2 of the 3 rooms, pulled up all the old carpet, and brought in the carpet roll. Luckily before they started installing it, Rob realized it wasn’t the carpet pad we wanted. So the guys went back to the warehouse to get the upgraded pad and do some initial cuts on the carpet. When they rolled the carpet it out, there were 2 streaks all the way through the carpet! So the carpet was unusable. It’s important to hire the right carpet cleaning company with a carpet cleaning approach that won’t damage your carpet further.

They came back and installed the pad so we wouldn’t be walking around on the nasty subfloor. They moved some of our furniture back. We are still waiting, but I think they should be here tomorrow to install the carpet. I am so ready, because I’m tired of my house being an absolute wreck! Here’s Kayleigh laying on the carpet pad.

2021-02-19 16.02.21
I planted seeds week before last. They are on heat mats with grow lights inside till after our last freeze date. Most everything has sprouted except peppers, because they are so slow. This is 1 out of 3 trays.

2021-02-18 15.21.26
Friday afternoon was the much anticipated Opening Day of Auburn Baseball. Here’s the hype video for Opening Day!

Our tickets for all the games are all in section 101, I believe, but we’re never in the same seat. Here’s where Rob and Drew were for Friday night’s game.

That afternoon I had to take Kayleigh back to the vet for her 2nd round of ear drops. Can’t remember if I told, you but she has ear infections in both ears. The Vet said this is usually a sign of an allergy at this age. We’ve eliminated treats and anything that is not her food. Jury is still out.

I usually put her in her crate when she’s in the car, but with the house flipped upside down because of the carpet install I couldn’t get to her crate! She loved sitting up with me.

2021-02-19 16.35.28
Saturday I had the house to myself, so I ventured out for some shopping and came back and relaxed, did some cleaning and organizing, and just enjoyed most of the day by myself.

Rob and his Step Dad went to the baseball game after online church service. I got Sunday chores done and did some more organizing and was able to enjoy a nap.

How was your week?

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9 thoughts on “Week 7 [2021]

  1. Joanne

    Oh no; I am so sorry to hear you had so many problems with the carpet installation. I have been wanting to get ours replaced for years but dread having to clean out the rooms in order to do so.

    1. Lysha Post author

      Yes, I have not wanted to do this because of having to clean everything out. It’s forcing me to do some early spring cleaning, which is never a bad thing. Just tiring!

  2. Tanya

    Talk about carpet drama! That must have been so frustrating. I love the picture of Kayleigh in the car – happy to be in the front seat, but maybe not thrilled about going to the vet. Baseball season sounds fun! And I’m the same way with my blog post titles…I tend to change things around a lot. Thanks for linking up with Hello Monday! Tanya – The Other Side of the Road

    1. Lysha Post author

      Kayleigh is just always so excited to go anywhere. She doesn’t mind the vet really. She just loves seeing people, which I think outweighs them shoving medicine down her ear.

  3. Natasha

    Oh my word — I hope your carpet gets installed soon. That sounds frustrating.

    And I CAN’T WAIT for baseball to start!!! Whooo hooo!!!

    1. Lysha Post author

      It was totally frustrating, but the carpet is installed now and now the task of moving all of our stuff back! It’s going to be a tiring weekend.

    1. Lysha Post author

      Thank goodness it did! Now the task of putting all the ‘stuff’ back. Some good, early spring cleaning to happen this weekend!

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