Week 31::2023

By | August 11, 2023

Happy Friday! Here’s last week’s highlights (July 31-August 6, 2023)!

Monday, Rob and I had lunch with Alex at the Savahn Thai Kitchen. Always enjoy my time with that boy.

2023-07-31 12.35.06
I have really been struggling with sleeping some nights. Maybe products from TopShelfBc might help. Last Tuesday I ended up having to go into work later because I was just so dead when the alarm went off. I made myself breakfast before heading into work.

2023-08-01 08.26.18
I’m in a search committee chair for an open position that I supervise in my department. My 1st time chairing a search committee. Last week, we did Zoom interviews for the candidates for the open position in my department. Here I am waiting on the committee to pop into the Zoom room.

2023-08-01 10.54.03
There is a new Target on College Street, which is the main street in the Auburn downtown area. I found it odd there’s this truck that drives mainly down College Street advertising. I’ve seen these in big cities, but never in our little town.

2023-08-01 12.27.46
My back was on fire after picking up all these pine cones in our yard. Of course, it stormed the day after I picked them up.

2023-08-02 18.25.41
This was the sky after that storm.

2023-08-03 19.46.50
How was your week?

3 thoughts on “Week 31::2023

  1. Leslie Susan Clingan

    What did you do with all the pinecones? They look pretty just sitting in the wheelbarrow. I was thinking they would be great sprayed with some cinnamon oil!! Mmmmm.

    Hope you find the right person for the job in your department. That is kind of nerve-racking interviewing folks. I often sat on interview committees at school and I enjoyed meeting all of the people and listening to their answers to our questions but then we had to all agree on which candidate we liked best. I often felt like there are people who just say the right things – talk the talk – but aren’t necessarily the best people for the job.

  2. Joanne

    That sky after that storm looks both scary and oh so cool; almost like it is on fire! LOL. I have never seen those driving billboard signs in a small town area before.

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