Monthly Digest – August 2023

By | August 30, 2023

Here we are for another end of month post. Everything from the good and the bad talked about here!

August 2023


Here’s my weekly posts to catch you up.
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Loving I’m loving the No Sugar Added Klondike Ice Cream Bars. Yummy! I try to only eat 1 or 2 a week, but it’s hard when I know they’re in the freezer.

Happy to be done with the our candidate search for the position that we had open in my department. We recently made the offer and it was accepted. This person should be able to start working by end of September. Yay!!

Excited Hmmm…I can’t really thing of anything to be ‘excited’ about honestly.

Disappointments I have been really disappointed with the number of students who have had to change their hours or who just flat out quit on me (all new hires). It has caused me great stress and has really effected my mental health.

Reminiscing Thinking about another football season starting, I’m reminiscing about all the seasons of football especially when the boys were little. I made this fun little collage of a few pictures from over the year.

Social I had lunch with my friend, Amy. Rob and I had lunch with some friends. We also went to a Cluster dinner as well as served on an Emmaus Walk (Christian Retreat).

Work Memories to get a huge raise starting in October due to Market Adjustment as well as a performance based merit increase. After the way this hiring season has gone for Fall, it is needed to help me to be motivated, because I feel like I’m just continuing to be kicked when I’m down.

Lesson Learned I can do ‘hard’ things. I often build things up in my mind and it stresses me out and brings out my anxiety. I was really not wanting to chair the search committee, mainly because I’d never done it before and I have only been on 1 search committee ever. I just felt like I had not clue of the process and all the legal things. However, I did it and I was even complimented on how everything went, which made me happy.

Current Project I finally got my dining room wall hangings done. I ordered new photos for in there as well as a few other places in the house. Glad to have all those replaced.

Here’s a glimpse into the dining room, which I actually really like. It will be perfect one day when we don’t have carpet in there.

2023-08-14 20.17.30
Drew built a deck in his backyard. It looks really good. He and Caitlyn also cleared out much of their backyard and made a fire pit. I wish I had taken pictures to show you. I’ll need to do that next time I’m over there.

Alex and Madison celebrated 1 year of dating.

Rob got covid.

Most remembered I dunno…Nothing major. I guess getting through the hiring process for our new hire.

Wearing It has just been so hot like most places in the U.S. I’ve been wearing skorts to work as much as possible.

This Weekend is the first football game, but it’s a 2:30 game and I just really don’t want to go bake in the sun.

Looking Forward to Next Month September is my birthday month. Not that I celebrate my birthday all month or anything. I hoping we start to feel at least a little change in temps. I’m so over the 90+ days.


Eating Having been as healthy as I would like. Hoping to buckle down in September.

Favorite I had a couple great burgers at Niffer’s (my favorite).

2023-08-23 17.23.29


Click TV below to see what I’ve been watching and listening to lately.

Watching & Listening Post
Favorite Pic I think I shared another pic from this series earlier this month, but I love the lighting.

2023-08-17 11.21.53
Look back at last month.


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6 thoughts on “Monthly Digest – August 2023

  1. Kym

    Hello again, Lysha! I’ve lost track since the photo challenge ended, so it was nice to catch up with you a little bit. Love the photos, as usual, and love the lesson learned about being able to do hard things. It’s a lesson I keep needing to re-learn, I find!

  2. Natasha

    Way to go on chairing a successful search although I’m sorry that has been paired with flaky students quitting. Ugh. I hope you have a new batch of loyal student employees show up to replace them. Those football memories are so fun!

  3. Joanne

    That football collage is fabulous and your dining room looks lovely. I am so sorry to hear that your job has been so stressful but a raise definitely helps a bit. At least it makes you feel appreciated (I hope!).

  4. Tanya

    Congratulations on your raise! It sounds like it has been a challenging month at work. Jack is excited about the first game. When I heard it was a daytime game, I told him to dress cool and wear sunglasses!

  5. Leslie Susan Clingan

    I am sorry your student hires have been disappointing and work has been stressful. Thank goodness for a merit raise and cost of living adjustment. I am hoping that we get a cost of living adjustment to our teacher retirement this year. Everything is so expensive. And here come the holidays.


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