Week 2::2023

By | January 18, 2023

I can’t decide if January is flying by or not. Here we are for Week 2 highlights (Jan. 9-15, 2023).

At work we usually do a yearly department photo around Christmas, but we all had differing schedules. We ended up having to do the Monday we came back to work after being off 2 weeks. I showed up in a tshirt and sweatpants, because I forgot. At lunch I went home and got picture ready.


My Sunday School class (which we joined at last fall) tries to do a monthly Women’s dinner. We went to El Ranchero. It was a nice time.

2023-01-09 17.58.22

I snuck this pic of Alex and Madison playing the piano together last Tuesday when they were hanging at the house. Love when they come over.

2023-01-10 18.01.02

That same evening we met up with our other social group for coffee and dessert. We talked about life and shared glory sightings. We will continue to meet every other Tuesday.

Thursday was the day we had all sort of storm/tornado warnings. It finally quit raining and was able to get out and do my walk. I also ran a couple errands and the sky with the trees on the forefront was beautiful.

2023-01-12 16.25.57

My Aunt sent me this as a remembrance of my Granny’s house that has been sold and no longer in the family.

2023-01-13 06.31.04
The next day on my walk the sunset was too beautiful not to try to capture.

2023-01-12 17.04.02 copy

Rob and I have been trying to eat at places we’ve never been to or don’t go to often. We went to East Sea Fishery for lunch on Friday. I wasn’t a huge fan.

2023-01-13 12.32.29 copy

Friday afternoon when I went out for my walk, it was cold and windy!

2023-01-13 16.22.48

Wedding invites got sent out over the weekend!

2023-01-13 06.51.12

On Monday, I got a message from Caitlyn, saying she was set to go get the wedding cake taste box that day. However, when she put the address in Google Maps, it said South Carolina…not Alabama! Turns out when she searched for this particular cake company that had been recommended the South Carolina one was the one that she ended up on by accident. Luckily the lady in SC didn’t make us pay for that taster box that we never came and got. I was in a pretty big panic at that point. Luckily our 2nd choice cake company was still available, so there will be a wedding cake after all. 🙂 Moral of the story, double and triple check when start contacting someone through FB and FB messenger that you check their location 1st!

Also, I got my dress for the wedding this last weekend. I went to our local mall. Dillard’s had lots of great options, but nothing that I could walk away with. So I ended up having to drive to Columbus to go to David’s Bridal. That place was not great. The people that I worked with were super awkward and I just don’t like the way you have to come out of the room to see yourself in each dress. Plus there was a group of girls there that acted like they were the only people in the store. Laughing (more like cackling) and hollering…literally! I was not in a great mood and that sure did not help. I tried 2 dresses on. Had the girl take pics of me in each one. Sent them to Caitlyn. She like the one I liked, so I bought it and got the heck out of there. Glad to have that done. Now I just need to get shoes and get it altered as it’s a too long.

4 thoughts on “Week 2::2023

  1. Joanne

    Glad you have your dress for the wedding! I wasn’t a huge fan of David’s Bridal either but they do have such a large selection when most other stores seem to be doing away with everything fancy. That keepsake of your granny’s house is just lovely!

  2. Natasha

    Your nature pictures are gorgeous! I’m glad you found a dress, even if the experience was not the best. When is the wedding? You may have mentioned that at some point but I missed it.

  3. Leslie Susan Clingan

    Such pretty photos. Those yellow trees. Great angle of the picture.
    I have the LOVE stamps and they make me smile. Speaking of smiling, the photo of the kids playing the piano together is precious. Did they realize you took it? That would be sweet to frame for them for Valentine’s Day.
    What a close call with the wedding cake. Yikes. My phone never knows where I am. I get weather reports for Arizona. Directions on the Maps App for going from my house in El Paso to places in Ft. Worth, Texas, hundreds of miles away…instead of the directions for my local store here in the city where I live. I could easily have had the same issue. So glad you realized what was going on and were able to get your second favorite bakery for the cake.
    Can’t wait to see your wedding dress!! Or dress for the wedding.

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