Week 12::2023

By | April 3, 2023

Happy Monday yall! Let’s jump straight in for week 12 highlights (March 20-26, 2023).

Not sure how many of you know what’s going on with the Methodist church. You may have heard rumblings of different churches ‘disaffiliating’ from the United Methodist church. My church is finally beginning to entertain the idea of allowing discussions and to set out all the facts. We had a meeting to share some facts. Then, we did a survey to get a feel for what people are thinking as far as entering discernment. When I find an article that sums it up in a non-bias way, I’ll share it in case anyone is interested.

2023-03-20 18.06.59

These are my favorite crackers right now. Gluten free/crunchy/lots of flavor

2023-03-20 13.20.27

We had our small group and it was ice cream night. It was so good. I’ve only had ice cream once in the last 6 months or so. I’m the girl that would eat ice cream everyday if I wasn’t trying to be healthy. Ice cream is my favorite!
2023-03-21 20.19.18

Sunset on the lake

2023-03-22 19.48.24

Friday My friend invited me to walk across the street during lunch. This hot dog trailer was there. Nice time visiting with her.

2023-03-24 13.01.49

After lunch, one of my coworkers had a retirement party. This was his cake.

2023-03-24 15.00.47

On our way to a wedding in Pike Road, Al we stopped in Montgomery at Yummy Yaki for lunch.

2023-03-25 13.28.24

Our former next door neighbors’ son got married. It was such a sweet wedding and I loved seeing the ‘boys’ back together. Miss those days
2023-03-25 16.16.12BW

2023-03-25 15.34.00

2023-03-25 16.05.16

2023-03-25 17.38.14

2023-03-25 17.37.58

When the reception was over, Alex, Madison, Rob, and I loaded back in the car and headed back to Montgomery to go to a Savannah Banana‘s game. If you’ve never heard of them, they are an exhibition baseball. Really fun time for any and all ages and even people who don’t really like baseball. They are touring so you can see them in other places besides Savannah.

It’s mainly open seating so you want to get there early. We got there before the gates opened. Cool that the players come through and sign autographs and give high-5s.

2023-03-25 18.23.02

2023-03-25 18.41.25

The hour before the game starts they do all sorts of activities to watch. Here is one of the players from ‘the other team’ The Party Animals.

2023-03-25 19.10.40

‘Stilts’ batting was quite a sight to see. He got a hit!

2023-03-25 21.41.49

We got up before the crack of dawn to go pick up my brother-in-law, Nick, and drive down to Spring Hill, FL. As I mentioned in my last weekly post, Rob’s Grandpa passed away recently and we needed to go down and help. I enjoyed playing with doggies more than anything.

2023-03-26 15.34.22

3 thoughts on “Week 12::2023

  1. Tanya

    I have heard about the issues with the UMC. The church we attended until recently made the switch about a year ago to another part of the methodist worldwide church. I have a family member in another town who decided to stay with her church (which remained UMC), but a huge percentage of the congregation left to form a new church not in the UMC. It’s all kind of crazy and a little sad too.

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  3. Joanne

    Oh I feel the same way about ice cream and good for you for resisting for nearly 6 months!! That sunset is amazing. What a lovely wedding– you are just surrounded by them lately, aren’t you?


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