Wedding::Reception Part 2

By | October 9, 2023

Here we are for the last wedding photo post!! This is part 2 of the wedding reception. If you are also planning to propose to your partner, you may start by purchasing one of these art deco engagement rings Australia.

So much fun dancing. The band was just spectacular, so entertaining. Everyone was raving about them.

Reception - Dancing 1080
Now officially brother and sister

Reception - Dancing 1168
My crazy nephew loving the dance floor

Reception - Dancing 1059
Alex and Mads

Reception - Dancing 1160
Reception - Dancing 1093
Andrew doing the worm

Reception - Dancing 1192
My sister and me. So glad she could come!

Reception - Group Shots 1017ee
Group shots were taken throughout the night. This is all my family that was there.

Reception - Group Shots 1182e
Good friends

Reception - Group Shots 1185e
Matron of Honor’s hubby getting it!

Reception - Dancing 0993
At one point, the band asked everyone to clear the dance floor, unless you’re a married couple. Then as the song went on they started eliminating couples, by starting off if you’ve been married less that 5 hours, less the 1 year, less than 5 years, less than 15 years, and so on. Turns out Rob’s aunt and uncle and Caitlyn’s grandparents were married like 51 years within just a few months of each other.

Reception - Married Couples Dance 1128
Reception - Married Couples Dance 1133ee
Reception - Married Couples Dance 1135
The married couple dance starts with all married couples out there and they would say if you been married less than a year, less that 5 years, less than 20 years, etc. The couples that had been married the longest at 50 years were Rob’s uncle and aunt and Caitlyn’s grandparents

Reception - Married Couples Dance 1142
More dancing and then the cake cutting and eating

Reception - Dancing 0987
Reception - Cake Cutting + Desserts 0950
Reception - Cake Cutting + Desserts 1102
Reception - Cake Cutting + Desserts 1101
Reception - Cake Cutting + Desserts 1116
After cake, the Granddad’s each got up and gave advice to the couple and the band reminded everyone to fill out the advice cards in the back. Here is Rob’s step dad, Rob’s dad, and Caitlyn’s granddad.

Reception - Advice 1121
Reception - Advice 0905
Reception - Advice 1095
Reception - Advice 0908
After more dancing and the late night snack announcement. Caitlyn threw the bouquet.

Reception - Bouquet Toss 1150
Her good friend Lindsey caught it. She just needs to find her a man đŸ˜‰

Reception - Bouquet Toss 1148
At 9:30 it was time for us send the happy couple off. We did a Tiger Walk and had 5 trombone players, 4 from the Auburn University Marching Band and 1 from the wedding party played the fight song and a couple other Auburn stand tunes.

Reception - Send Off 1211
The wedding party ran through first. Here’s Alex.

Reception - Send Off 1213
It was no doubt a special send off.

Reception - Send Off 1215
Reception - Send Off 1216
Reception - Send Off 1217
Reception - Send Off 1219
They got in the limo and actually got to drive around downtown enjoying some champagne before being dropped off at their home for the night. If you want this unforgettable experience as well, then a limousine service can be directly contacted.

Reception - Send Off 1220
Such a great day! No doubt special memories to last a life time.

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