Watching on YouTube (August & September 23)

By | October 11, 2023

Today I’m sharing some of favorite YouTube channels lately (August & September) in no particular order.

Someone recently asked how I watch so much YouTube and honestly, I’m not sure. I guess I’m not nearly as busy with no kids at home anymore. My typical afternoon routine after getting off work, which I usually get off around 3:30pm (when I don’t have a pottery class or Bible study) goes something like this: I run my errands (pick up groceries, go through the car wash, etc.) Come home and change clothes. Do my 35 minute walk and then take Kayleigh on about a 10 minute walk. Sit down in the living room and turn YouTube on. Veg out and watch YouTube and sometimes surf the net trying to figure out what to cook for dinner. Then I get up and cook. Then Rob gets home and I turn YouTube off.

Other times I get a lot of YouTube in is when Rob has something to do in the evenings or on weekends. I typically watch 1 or 2 videos that are usually 15-20 minutes sometimes longer. Then I get up and do 20-30 minutes of cleaning, organizing, just stuff around the house that needs to be done. Then watch a few more videos. So I’m not laying around all day, every day watching YouTube. I just fit in as I can.

Watching on YouTube (June & July 23)

Anna Uncharted [66.7K subscribers – 67 videos] – VanLife – In the last YouTube post I wrote, I shared that I was so excited to see Anna back on YouTube. This time living in a Honda Element since she sold her van. However, just before I wrote this post, she posted she is leaving YouTube to pursue a life not in front of the camera. While, I’m sad because her videos were so well made and she’s so funny, I totally understand and wish her all the best!

Monica Church [1.58M subscribers – 208 videos] – LifeStyle & Monica Church Real Estate [20.7K subscribers – 31 videos] Monica is back to posting a little more regularly, but regardless of how sporadic she is, I love all her videos about life and real estate.

Cosmopolitan Cornbread [53.3K subscribers – 850 videos] – Homesteading – I’ve been enjoying watching her transition into her new mountain homestead in Arkansas, since she moved this year and is basically starting over with new land and building her homestead. She recently had a bad accident on the homestead. Scary!

Alexis Eldredge [45.5K subscribers – 252 videos] – LifeStyle – Alexis is my newest most favorite YouTuber. She is a 26 year old single dancer/singer/YouTuber living by herself in New York. She makes her living through YouTube, but also tries out for dancing gigs as she’s able.

Michel Janse [220K subscribers – 909 videos] – LifeStyle – I’ve enjoyed watching Michel (pronounced Mi-kel) since she moved back to Texas after leaving her husband. I’ve enjoyed watching her journey of being single and now recently engaged! So excited her life is coming back together after such a hard time there for awhile.

The Southerner’s Northern Garden [22.5K subscribers – 213 videos] – Gardening – I go through ebbs and flows of watching different channels. I haven’t watched Matthew in awhile, but picked it up again when I realized he’s moved to a new house and is completely redoing the garden at his new house.

Eamon & Bec [1.24M subscribers – 386 videos] – Lifestyle – It’s been fun to watch these 2 have such exciting news after Bec had another cancer scare.

Jenna Phipps [639K subscribers – 343 videos] – Lifestyle – Jenna lives in Toronto. She makes a living being a YouTube, but she also like to sew. She recently moved to a new apartment and made a dress from 700 crocheted flowers!!

Jenna Hong [31.2K subscribers – 360 videos] – Lifestyle – Jenna’s channel is another YouTube suggested that I’ve started watching here and there. She has a regular 8-5 job as an accountant while living in Washington, DC and enjoys vlogging about her life.

Roots & Refuge Farm [611K subscribers – 1.3K videos] – Homesteading – This is another channel I took a break from, even though it one of my absolute favorites of all time. Jess is so authentic and I enjoy her videos about gardening, cooking, raising a big family, and more.

This is a rare video of them vacationing, which I really enjoyed.

Kaylah Stroup [39.9K subscribers – 23 videos] – Gardening – Kaylah has returned from about a 2 year break from YouTube. She has been renovating her 100 year old home. I find Kaylah’s unique style interesting and seeing her house transform is pretty fascinating.

Rosa [26.5K subscribers – 96 videos] – Vanlife – I recently found Rosa’s channel. I love her quirky personality fun and I really enjoy watching her adventures while living in a Honda Element.

Holderness Family Laughs [358K subscribers – 519 videos] – Fun – Rob sent me this video recently because this it totally me and him! I really love the Holderness Family at times.

Since I’m taking pottery wheel class, I’ve been watching lots of videos trying to get better at ‘pulling up my walls’ as well.

Have you been watching YouTube lately?

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  1. Leslie Clingan

    Somehow I have gotten on a YouTube kick. But I watch trials. And the occasional Dollar Tree haul. Anna Uncharted sounds good to me. I would like to have a tiny cabin or an RV or camper. Wouldn’t want to live like that all the time but would like to do it for holidays. It seems like a simpler life.

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