Week 39:2023

By | October 6, 2023

Here we are for week 39 (Sept. 25-Oct. 1), which ended with my birthday celebrations over the weekend.

The sunrise on Monday was spectacular!

2023-09-25 06.17.36

I had to go over to Tiger town for dog food and decided to make more of the trip and went over to TJMaxx while I was out that way. I got these chips that are made form Quinoa. Delish!!

2023-09-25 17.23.04

My pottery class creations

2023-09-26 19.38.56

Real life people…

2023-09-27 09.14.14

Still getting some pretty flowers from the garden even though most of it needs to be torn out.

2023-09-27 12.10.03

I decorated for fall, which helped my bad mood.

2023-09-28 17.18.14

Got a new candle from TJMaxx too.

2023-09-28 17.28.16

You know, I love owls and saw this at Home Goods. So cute, but I didn’t buy it.

2023-09-29 16.52.06

On Saturday, our friend Jeff that I talked about here and his son, Connor came for the Georgia game. Rob had to work the gates, but I took them around to the pregame festivities. I remembered to get their picture! I wished I would have gotten pics with all of us or something, but this is better than nothing.

The Georgia game, while some people were so sick with the outcome, I was so happy during the game. I really didn’t think we’d end up winning so I didn’t get my hopes up like most people. I was just so happy with the improvements I saw with our team.

That evening we came back and both boys and their other halves as well as Jeff and Connor hung out. We had lots of food and drinks. It was a great time. Really great birthday for me.

2023-10-01 12.15.49

I made a Keto breakfast casserole for lunch. Totally slipped my mind that Caitlyn can’t have eggs. Luckily there was chicken tacos leftover from the night before.

2023-10-01 12.33.54

That evening we all went out for my birthday. We went to Viva La Vida, the Fredrick Road location. Had a lovely time. It’s always my favorite to be with the kids, all of them.

2023-10-01 18.43e

I got the margarita flight and shared it.

2023-10-01 18.47.31e

2023-10-01 18.42e

3 thoughts on “Week 39:2023

  1. Tanya

    It looks like a wonderful birthday! I agree about the Ga game…Jack thought it would be a huge loss with a big point spread. They held them for most of the game!

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