Watching & Listening – September & October 23

By | October 27, 2023

Hello! It’s time for another watching and listening post, where I share what I’ve been watching and listening to the last 2 months. Last month I wrote about my recent YouTube obsessions: YouTube – August & September 23

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no movies…

TV Shows

Season 5 of Virgin River (Netflix) – This is one my favorite shows on Netflix over the years. Can’t wait for the next the last 2 episodes to come out at some point.
Virgin River

Murdaugh MurdersMurdaugh Murders
Season 2 (Netflix)
Southern CharmSouthern Charm
Season 9 (Bravo)

New Shows
Hulu offered a free month for my birthday, so I’ve been taking full advantage of it. The 2nd show listed here, The Betrayal is based off the podcast I listened to awhile back. Really good!

Season 1 (Hulu)
Betrayal: The Perfect HusbandBetrayal: The Perfect Husband
Season 1 (Hulu)

Rob and I watched
With the writer’s strikes effecting most of our shows, we were able to start watching Yellowstone. I believe it’s being offered for free. I know we’re years behind, but its really good.

Season 2 (AppleTV+)

Ted LassoTed Lasso
Season 3 (AppleTV+)

Truth Be ToldTruth Be Told
Season 3 (AppleTV+)

America's Got TalentAmerica’s Got Talent
Season 18 (NBC)

Amazing RaceAmazing Race
Season 35 (CBS)

Season 45 (CBS)
The Morning ShowThe Morning Show Season 3 (Apple TV+) YellowstoneYellowstone Season 1 (Paramount+)



BetrayalBetrayal Season 2 Daily BoostDaily Boost My Daily DevotionalMy Daily Devotional
Burden of GuiltBurden of Guilt Mel RobbinsMel Robbins The GirlfriendsThe Girlfriends



Favorite Playlists

Favorite Song

6 thoughts on “Watching & Listening – September & October 23

  1. Laura Bambrick

    This season of Virgin River was a tear jerker! While I felt for Mel and what she went through, I was happy to see that the writers chose to highlight how many people experience miscarriages and infertility and how they grieve. I like how they are bringing awareness to it so we don’t feel so alone.

  2. Tanya

    The first seasons of Yellowstone are the best! Thanks for the tip on Betrayal.

  3. hena

    While I didn’t love Yellowstone I did watch 1883 and 1923 the prequel shows and enjoyed them both.

  4. Missy

    Virgin River keeps popping up as one of those shows to watch for me. Maybe I should finally give it a go? I’ve been loving rewatching Call the Midwife 🙂

  5. Leslie Susan Clingan

    I love these posts and book review posts. We get stuck watching the same old poo-poo on TV or just having something mindless playing as background noise. I need to check some of these out. I watched the Murdaugh trial with my mouth agape and think I saw the whole documentary but only remember it being one season, so maybe not.

    We tried Virgin River and Yellowstone, both, but didn’t really get into either. Everyone loves them so we need to try them again. Clearly we didn’t give them a fair shot.

    I would like to check out Hillsong, too. Thank you for that suggestion.


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