Watching & Listening – Summer 2022

By | August 16, 2022

As mentioned back in April, we were behind on all our DVR TV watching then and so we spent all summer trying to catch up! We are just now wrapping up the last show.

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TV Shows

New Shows This Summer

Breaking Bad
Breaking Bad
Surviving Summer
Surviving Summer

Breaking Bad – I’m only a few episodes in. While I don’t enjoy portions of (murder and drug use), there seems to be less of that now and the plot is really starting to get interesting.

Surviving Summer
(Netflix) started off and I was really enjoying, but then I went a month or so and now that I’m trying to watch it again I’m bored with it.

New Seasons This Summer

Virgin River – Season 4
Virgin River - Season 4
Southern Charm – Season 8
(Bravo App)
Southern Charm

Virgin River – One of my favorite shows. I know it’s a cheesy drama like you often see on Lifetime or Hallmark, but I really enjoy it. The backdrop of where it is filmed is gorgeous!

Southern Charm is really trash TV, but I can’t get enough it! It’s so stupid, it’s funny.



My Daily Devotional PodcastMy Daily Devotional Podcast

I have been listening to Alison Elizabeth Delamota’s podcast called My Daily Devotional Podcast, which is a 5 minute daily devotional. I enjoy doing a devotional in podcast form that doesn’t take a lot of time, so that I’m at least spending a few minutes every morning in the Word. I really like the first few episodes I heard here, but there’s a been a few more recent that I’m not sure I totally agree with her interpretation of some scripture. I’m going to try a few other similar podcasts and I’ll let you know if I settle on one I like a little better.



Christian Favs Playlist

I think this covers all the new-ish stuff I’ve been watching over the summer. What have you been watching this summer that you loved?

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5 thoughts on “Watching & Listening – Summer 2022

  1. Tanya

    I watched Breaking Bad many years ago. I remember the tough content, but it is a really addictive show to binge watch. It gets better and better!

  2. Joanne

    We just started watching The Americans and I am hooked! It’s about the cold war and spies living in America… very good even if it is rather dark at times.

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