Watching & Listening – Sept/Oct 2022

By | October 25, 2022

Time for another Watching & Listening post. And as always remember, this post does not include anything I watch on YouTube. That gets it’s own post.

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I thought I’d start out by updating shows I watched over the summer and letting you know what I thought about those.

New Shows This Summer – Did not finish either of these. Not to say I won’t go back and finish at some point, but just not feeling either of these still.

Breaking Bad
Breaking Bad
Surviving Summer
Surviving Summer

New Seasons – Summer

Virgin River – Season 4
(Netflix) Virgin River - Season 4
Southern Charm – Season 8
(Bravo App)
Southern Charm

Virgin River – Finished quickly and I’m always so sad its over. They always end the season with a huge cliff hanger.

Southern Charm This recently just finished up and yes, it is trash TV, but I eat it up. Love the characters…at least most of the time.

Fall Shows

We’re thinking about dropping Abbott Elementary, because it’s just “Meh!”

The ConnersThe Connors (ABC)

The Wonder YearsThe Wonder Years (ABC)
Abbott ElementaryAbbott Elementary (ABC) Young SheldonYoung Sheldon (CBS)

Hour-Long Dramas
I could really do without some of these shows (NCIS Hawaii, NCIS LA, FBI International), but Rob enjoys them so we keep watching them together. Rob does watch a few shows without me (NCIS and Magnum PI).

CSI Vegas is the comeback from the old CSI, if you ever watched that. We were about ready to drop it after the 2nd episode, but then there was a cliffhanger that made us want to keep watching to see what happened.

NCIS: Hawai'iNCIS: Hawai’i



Blue BloodsBlue Bloods
The EqualizerThe Equalizer (CBS) 9-1-19-1-1 (FOX) 9-1-1 Lone Star9-1-1 Lone Star (FOX)
FBIFBI (CBS) FBI InternationalFBI International (CBS) For All MankindFor All Mankind (Apple TV+)

CSI VegasCSI Vegas

All AmericanAll American
(The CW)

New AmsterdamNew Amsterdam


The Good DoctorThe Good Doctor

Big SkyBig Sky


The Amazing RaceThe Amazing Race



In the Arena with the Eyre SistersIn the Arena with the Eyre Sisters Serial – We Were ThreeSerial - We Were Three
No More Perfect PodcastNo More Perfect Podcast Murder in IllinoisMurder in Illinois

I started listening to In the Arena with the Eyre Sisters because I have read Shawni Pothier’s blog for years entitled 71 toes. I find this podcast interesting for many reasons. Shawni and her sisters were raised by author/speaker parents who have written numerous books about books and speak on parenting an enriching the family unit. Shawni carries many of the interesting traditions over in raising her family. I’m enjoying listening to the 4 sisters discuss their upbringing and their parents unique way of running a family.

Serial – We Were Three is just a three-part series that takes an intimate look at a family in the aftermath of the pandemic. Beware of the language, but other than that quite interesting.

I’m currently reading a book for book study I’m doing with a group of ladies called Empty Nest, Full Life: Discovering God’s Best for Your Next and she mentioned her podcast in her book. I decided to check it out. It’s No More Perfect Podcast and I find it informative. She has discussions with other experts about marriage, parenting, being an empty-nester, health, and much more.

Murder in Illinois is a tru crime podcast I had started a while back and never finished. It follows the complicated circumstances that led to a conviction. However, there is forensic evidence that leads folks to believe the person is wrongfully convicted.



I’ve been listening to lots of different stuff lately. I’m really loving this electronic duo:

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3 thoughts on “Watching & Listening – Sept/Oct 2022

  1. Tanya

    We enjoy For All Mankind. I used to LOVE CSI Las Vegas, so I need to check that out. Thanks for the podcast recommendations!

  2. Laura

    I love Virgin River too! It’s nice that they add more seasons semi-often! It’s such a good show!

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