Week 42:2023

By | October 26, 2023

Week 42…(Oct. 16-22, 2023)
Here’s a few highlights from last week…

I love that they lay next to each other.

2023-10-14 20.44.11

Before we had the new driveway put in…You can read about that here.

2023-10-16 16.12.28

Saturday I had to go to Wetumpka for a training. I snapped this picture while driving through Tallassee on my way home.

2023-10-21 15.02.33-1

Sunday we went on a family walk with our dogs at new to us park in Auburn. Isn’t funny how new things come to your city and you don’t know for years?

2023-10-22 16.12.39

I also added the Halloween pieces to the fall decor.

2023-10-21 19.34.18

What were your highlights to your week?

2 thoughts on “Week 42:2023

  1. Joanne

    Oh I love a lovely new park! I thought of you this week; we have a neighbor that has a septic problem and when they went to fix it by putting in a new tank they found the tank was just fine but there is something wrong with the pipes leading from the house… that sounded all to familiar.

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