Although the COVID-19 pandemic may have pulled the brakes on your 2020 travel plans, there’s no reason why you can’t start planning for your next road trip. Whether you are driving coast to coast, stopping off for a day trip, or exploring Amish country you need to ensure that you head out with everything you need on hand.

However, while you may have your essentials prepped and ready to go, there are some useful items you might forget about!

5 Things To Bring on a Road Trip

Your laptop
Although you’ll be spending most of your time exploring, you should bring your laptop with you for the journey to provide entertainment during rest stop breaks and evenings in the hotel. If you are planning a long journey, it is essential to have it alongside you in case you have to respond to emails or keep on track of your money through online banking, which is always easier on the bigger screen.

Worried about poor internet signal getting in the way? Anxious that you can’t access your favorite show from your destination? Download a VPN with this handy guide from TroyPoint. A VPN will not only ensure that your browsing and downloads are protected (i.e protection from hackers), but can ensure that you can gain access to materials that may be location specific. VPN can also improve the quality of your internet connection.

A cooler bag
There’s nothing worse than reaching for a drink on a warm day, and the drink being just as hot as the sun feels outside. If you bring food and drink, items can quickly become spoiled if they get too warm. It is essential that you bring multiple cool packs along for the ride, so that you always have a cold, refreshing drink on hand.

A well stocked backpack
One of the best things about a road trip is that you don’t really have to pack light – as you don’t have to ‘carry’ anything around with you 24/7. However, for day trips or times when you need a break from the roads, you should always ensure you have a well stocked backpack at hand to carry with you through the day. This should include the following:
-water bottle
-mini first-aid kit
-waterproof coat/jacket
-map (or some kind of navigation tool)
-portable charger

Dry Wash Clothes Spray
On a lengthy road trip, you might not always have access to laundry facilities. You might need to freshen up your clothes from time to time. Ensure your clothes stay clean and sweet-smelling by bringing along some dry wash clothes spray to use in between visits to a laundromat.

Nothing can ruin your day more than a painful headache, especially if you need to focus on the road or travel a great distance. You should ensure you set out with a good supply of medications on hand should you take ill during your travels. Don’t forget to pack antihistamines in case any allergies flare up!

A lot of these seem like a given, but as most of us have gotten out of the practice of taking spontaneous trips it’s good to have a quick reminder. I know many of us are itching to get back out there. Have fun! And be safe!