Last Sunday Rob, Kayleigh, and I rode out to where our Boy Scout troop will start meeting. With COVID our troop has had very little activity. We could have met at a public park, but we have seen some much COVID shaming and strangers posting pictures of kids not wearing masks. We didn’t want to have to deal with any thing like that, so we are lucky to find a private outdoor area where we don’t have to worry about being judged. Anyway, this was the sunset view we saw as we left that night.

2020-09-13 18.46.46

It was my week to work in the office last week. Luckily, it was much calmer and no rude folks!

2020-09-14 08.28.27-1

Before COVID I had started putting a quote up on my board every week. This was the quote I wrote for the week.

2020-09-14 10.23.22

To my surprise, I got a check from Texas Unclaimed Property! Apparently some type of insurance that I’m thinking my dad had. A little chunk of change is always welcome!

2020-09-16 12.09.05

We got lots of rain last week that came up from Hurricane Sally. This was a tree that fell at work.


This cracks me up. Kayleigh did not want to have anything to do with the dog beds we had the first few months she was here. Now we catch her in the bed in our bedroom. This does not look comfortable!

2020-09-16 11.51.47

This is so aggravating! Just when the pepper starts to turn to the color it’s supposed to be and a bug has started chowing down on it! This is a Chocolate Beauty bell pepper, which goes from green to brown. I was able to cut off the eaten part and chop up the rest. There was luckily no damage on the inside.

2020-09-18 18.04.54

I believe these are the major culprit. Baby Army Worms. I have found several the last few days.

2020-09-18 18.16.11

On a happier garden note, my peas are sprouting!

2020-09-18 18.03.17-1

The doctor switched my blood pressure meds and last week I finally got over to the pharmacy to get it. I’m pretty sure it is causing flair ups with my fibromyalgia. Like severe body aches. Ever had the flu and the body aches that come with that? These body aches were worse than that! I’ve got a message into my doctor to see what I should do.

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