How Travel Can Encourage Children To Explore New Hobbies

By | September 18, 2020

How Travel Can Encourage Children To Explore New Hobbiesimage

As a parent, naturally you want to ensure that your kids get the very best start in life, which is why you always make sure to put them and their needs first. You want to ensure that your children are able to meet their goals and aspirations later in life, which is why you are always doing your very best to make sure that they have the very best childhood possible. A key aspect of helping children to meet their goals is to support and encourage them, especially when it comes to trying new things, such as taking on new hobbies, for instance.

Whether kids are passionate about music, dancing or arts and crafts, you naturally want to encourage and support them. A lot of children are able to pursue their interests through after school clubs and out of school activities. However another fantastic way to help your children to explore their hobbies further is through travel. If you’re a family that likes to travel, either on short getaways or longer excursions, then you can utilize your time away to help encourage your children to further explore the hobbies they love, and even try some new ones.

Learning new approaches to a hobby will help to encourage your children
Let’s say for instance that your child is passionate about dancing, and has always loved to dance and perform. They have probably been taking ballet, tap, or ballroom dance lessons for a while now, but they may not have thought about the possibility of expanding their dancing further than that. By heading abroad with your kids in tow and experiencing new places and cultures, your child may have the opportunity to see a new type of dance that they would like to try. They might see dancers doing cultural dances with hoops or using an LED Sock Poi to add extra flare to their moves. It’s experiences like this that will help to encourage your kids to further pursue their interests.

Seeing new things sparks new interests
By taking your family traveling, you will be exposing them to all sorts of new people, cultures, and experiences. It’s these experiences that can help to spark new interests. You could be walking through a local market and your kids could spot a stallholder doing something that catches their eye, and from that simple experience a new passion could be born. For example, after traveling, a lot of people find that they are far more interested in cooking than before, as they enjoy recreating some of their favorite meals from their travels. There’s something about seeing new things that can help to spark an interest in a new hobby, or revive an interest in an old hobby. Perhaps teenager used to love to sing but has recently given up their lessons. However after a chance experience with a singer while traveling their passion may return.

Understanding other cultures can make hobbies more enjoyable
If your youngsters have any hobbies related to other countries or cultures, you might find that by actually visiting those countries and cultures, they gain a better understanding of the hobby itself. A lot of hobby activities are derived from other cultures and places, and seeing them being performed at the place where they originated, can help to make the hobby more enjoyable because there is now a greater insight and understanding into said hobby. Say, for example, your child loves doing Latin-inspired dancing, taking them to a place where they can see traditional Latin dancing first hand could help to give them a deeper understanding of their hobby, and make them fall further in love with it. Understanding the background and history of a hobby can help to make doing said hobby more enjoyable.

First hand experiences are important
You would be amazed at just how beneficial having first hand experiences can be for children, especially with hobbies they are already passionate about. If your child loves surfing and has always wanted to go to Hawaii to watch the surfers in action, then by taking them there and letting them see it in person, you may find that they love surfing even more. While your child may have seen video after video on YouTube of Hawaiian surfing, nothing will match seeing it live. It’s those experiences that help to shape interests and these experiences can have a huge impact on young people. You may also find that there are attractions themed around certain hobbies, so it’s worth looking into visiting these with your family.

The fact is that travel can be a fantastic way to encourage your children to further explore their hobbies and gain a stronger passion for them. It doesn’t matter where you go, travel is quite enriching. Traveling can also help kids to gain a deeper insight into the history of their hobbies and help to give them a stronger understanding of the hobby itself. That’s why if you’re going to travel with your kids, it’s a great opportunity to allow them to experience their passions, interests, and hobbies.

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