The Weekly [8.31-9.5.2020]

By | September 8, 2020

Another week down. This last week the weather teased us a bit with a couple mornings/evenings that weren’t so humid and we felt a tinge of coolness in the air. I cannot wait for real fall weather!

The Weekly

Rob and I celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary, by going out to our favorite steak restaurant in town, Big Mike’s.

2020-08-29 23.12.17

I love this sour beer.
2020-08-29 19.03.43

Drew is working for Alabama Rural Ministry (ARM) as a communications intern. He’s also helping with construction jobs when they don’t have enough volunteers. He gets to work along side another Drew, who is his former Scoutmaster.


You just see the craziest things living in a college town sometimes. Rob and I were headed somewhere one night last week and saw this college kid with his dog in a backpack on his back. The dog seemed to be loving it though.

2020-09-04 19.16.39

Rob continues to hang floating shelves and pictures in his office. I think he’s about done decorating.

2020-09-05 17.49.15

If this wasn’t $10, I would have purchased this. I love this song and I thought it would be super cute for the kitchen. Maybe I’ll find it on sale.

2020-09-05 11.02.31

The last 2 weekends, Rob and I have found ourselves over in Tiger Town and have wound up eating at Wild Wing Cafe. It’s our new favorite place. Burger was good, not great. I highly recommend the Chicken Feathers for sure.

2020-09-05 13.42.20

I’m just thankful for my in-laws. I am so glad they moved closer to us almost a year ago now! Rob and I have lived in Auburn all these years 20+ without family and now his sister and her family along with his Mom and Step Dad and brother all live within 30 minutes of us. We are still not used to it, but I am just loving it.

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2 thoughts on “The Weekly [8.31-9.5.2020]

  1. Joanne

    Happy anniversary! I made a towel set for my sister in law at Christmas and I used that same Whip it good saying with a picture of a whisk (an idea I definitely stole from pinterest).

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