Graduation Party with the Fam

By | September 10, 2020

I’m continuing on with posts about Drew’s graduation weekend. This should be the final post from that fun weekend. Saturday we were up bright and early to get to Jordan-Hare. When we were done there we went home to change clothes and load up the cars to head out to Beauregard, where my in-laws hosted the family party for Drew.

Friday night the water slide was delivered. Rob’s mom and step dad as well as his sister and our nieces did a great job of setting up and decorating for the party. Drew and I went to get the chicken fingers while Rob and Alex went and got ice for all the coolers.

We got there and set up the food. We had Guthrie’s chicken fingers, sauce, and slaw. Drew’s favorite green beans, corn, baked beans, and fruit. Throughout the party Rob brought out cold treats for everyone to enjoy. We had Fruit popsicles, Snickers ice cream bars, Luigi’s Italian Ices, and more. Our niece, Abi made Drew a chocolate cake that everyone scarfed down it was so good.

Drew with his Grandparents that hosted the party


Drew’s girlfriend, Caitlyn


Drew with his Aunt and Uncle


So much fun to be had on the slide that day!


Going down the first time…perfect form! Following all rules and guidelines




Rachel (Rob’s adopted sister) going down


Drew splashin’ down


Face first?


Wild child



Drew catchin’ air


Alex’s face!


Here’s a glimpse of the porch and decorations


Playing Badminton with Gramma




A look of uncertainty



Someone fell out the side into the mud pit


The boys had to stop and get dressed so we could attend a friend’s grad party. Here’s the cousin crew before we left.


The slide was a hit. With it being so hot, having a water slide was really the only way to keep the fam together this long. I’m very glad we spent the money on this. I think everyone really enjoyed the cold treats and lots of variety of drinks and snacks. I think it’s a party everyone will remember for a long time. It’s fun getting to celebrate, Drew who worked so hard these last 4 years.

One thought on “Graduation Party with the Fam

  1. Joanne

    What a FUN party! I love that the whole family came together to throw it too. How wonderful to have help. We have friends that rent a huge waterslide like that each summer for a party and my boys always have so much fun with it.


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