Preparing for the Worst on a Road Trip

By | September 8, 2020

Road trips require lots of careful planning, as there are loads of things to remember. You’ve got the obvious concerns – like planning your route and figuring out where to stay. However, there are plenty of other considerations that you can’t forget. Below, you’ll see a few ideas and tips to ensure that your road trip is fully-planned and ready to be awesome.

Preparing for the Worst on a Road Trip

Pack a repair kit
You never know when disaster will strike on the road. Things could be fine, then you drive over a sharp rock and your tire bursts. With a repairs kit, you’ve got all the tools to make a few minor repairs. This includes a spare tire, something to change the tire with, and so on. You should always have some jumper cables in your trunk. Without all of these things, you will be waiting around for roadside recovery to come and help you out. Not only can this take ages, but it can also costly.

Other things to keep in your trunk
When I was growing up my before heading out on a road trip, my Grandmother always made sure we had a few things in our trunk besides jumper cables and a repair kit! She wanted to ensure there was a blanket, bottle watered, toilet paper, and snacks. This way if you’re stranded on the side of the road for awhile in the winter, you can cover up with a blanket. She also taught me to bring a hand full of toilet paper to those gas station restrooms, because they are often bad about keeping them stocked. And bottled water and snacks were meant for times, when we either got stranded or for times when we were in a traffic jam and her blood sugar was getting low.

Jot down the name of a lawyer
Hopefully, you never have to come into contact with this lawyer. Still, it helps to have their details on you, just in case. Specifically, you’re looking for car accident lawyers with dedication and integrity. Why do you need to note their contact details? Well, you’re driving a car for days on end. There’s no telling what you’ll encounter or the quality of the roads you’re on. Thus, the chances of getting into an accident are relatively high. By having the contact details of a professional personal injury lawyer, you’re one phone call away from a car and truck accident lawyer or a traffic attorney if you get into a pickle. You don’t have to wait around and find the best lawyer to call as you’ve already done the research. It lets you deal with things as quickly as possible. Otherwise, you might forget vital details about the crash. Consider reaching out to a California personal injury lawyer, who can guide you through the legal process and help you navigate the complexities of your case.

Obviously, these things are quite random. But that’s the point! These are things that you often forget or neglect before a road trip. There’s no point listing all of the obvious things as you should already remember them. With these concerns, you ensure that your road trip goes as smoothly as possible. If you’ve never been on one before, I strongly recommend it. Road trips are one of the best forms of travel as you can see so many places without spending loads of money.

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  1. Joanne

    It may sound awful but we always have a small rubbermaid tote just in case someone gets carsick too. I usually keep a roll of paper towels and carpet cleaner back there too.. just in case.


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