I’ve really done a bad job of keeping up with my ‘the weekly’ posts lately. I’m thinking about changing what they’re called because they’ve kind of morphed from what these posts are supposed to be. Plus when I went to start this post, I thought I was a week behind. Turns out, I’m 3 weeks behind. *eyeroll!*

So let’s jump back to the week of Jan. 25th
Rob helped me set up my new phone and I’m still getting used to the way a 12 works differently than a 7.

2021-01-27 23.18.59

This was the week Rob was having really bad muscle and neck pain, which we later found out was COVID. Here is his with Kayleigh in her favorite spot.

2021-01-29 21.42.16

I ordered some more magnetic spice containers.

2021-01-28 18.08.56

Week of Feb. 1st
This was COVID week. It was a weird time of sleeping in the guest bedroom and not really spending any time with Rob. Alex had a hard time keeping quarantined for some reason. Any other time he’d be up in his room not hardly coming out like teenagers often do.

On the 5th Rob could come out of quarantine and on Sunday the 7th Alex got to come out his quarantine.

I’ve kind of gotten on a organizing kick. This is the ‘before’ picture. It’s a work in progress so when it’s done, I’ll show it to you. I’ve realized that most people (at least in Rob’s family) don’t keep their pantries full like this. I don’t know why I keep it so full. I’m actually working on using up a lot of this stuff so it’s not so dang full! Do you keep your pantry super full or more sparse?

2021-02-07 12.31.08

Week of Feb. 8th
I found these tranfers at the $1 store. Cute things like this bring me a joy. I need to find somewhere to put them.

2021-02-08 14.57.39-2

I’m going to try and do a better job of documenting my gardening experiences this year, which I think I’m going to maybe a monthly garden post. I did start seeds though. They will be indoors under grow lights for 8-12 weeks.

2021-02-09 22.12.50

My boy and my Grand dog hanging out.

2021-02-09 18.23.20

COVID bed! haha!! I ended up sleeping back in my bed after it was decontaminated on Saturday the 13th of February.

2021-02-13 11.13.08

Visits from my favorite grand dog.

2021-02-09 18.32.24

The bus driver was nice enough to drop Alex off in front of the house.

2021-02-12 16.20.29-1

2021-02-12 20.49.27

My terribly messy bedroom. Packing it up for the new carpet to be installed!

2021-02-13 11.13.11

Rob made Alex and me steaks Saturday night for an early Valentine’s Day.

2021-02-13 18.51.03-1

Such a sweet cat. Alex covered the love seat with a super soft blanket and Katniss doesn’t laying on it.

2021-02-14 20.50.45

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