6 Things You Will Love About Kentucky

By | February 13, 2021

6 Things You Will Love About Kentucky
Although it is among the country’s oldest states, most people still see Kentucky as a place with little to offer. While a large portion of this thinking comes from the Kentucky people’s conservative nature, it serves as half of the truth.

Like other destinations, the bluegrass state offers compelling reasons to schedule a visit. This article explores five of Kentucky’s most insane things that leave tourists worldwide coming back.

The Wildcats
Sport of any kind always brings people together. Kentucky natives have a thing for basketball and exhibit a cult-like love for their local team, the Wildcats. The local fans’ enthusiastic support often leads them to get tattoos of the club or players and pitch sleeping while waiting for game tickets.

The intense atmosphere during match days is one reason tourists from almost every corner of the world fly in to rally their support. While a defeat almost always results in a little distress, pet friendly cabins offer the best accommodation with maximum security.

Hunting is a tradition among the Kentucky natives. Once old enough, some parents take their kids out for hunting lessons. While such an activity may seem tedious and backward, it remains a popular culture in the region. If you want to practice your shooting skills before you go on a hunt, you may visit an indoor firing range. You may also visit a gun shop or a gun store to get some supplies such as Online Precision Tactical Rifles for Sale.

During the exploits, children learn how to hunt bears, bobcats, coyotes, and squirrels and derive essential life lessons. Although seen as dangerous and reckless, this act is unique for Kentucky, and tourists worldwide easily fall in love with it.

Some of the vital life lessons from hunting include:

  • Proper handling of hunting tools
  • Timing (knowing when to attack)
  • Patience (waiting patiently for the kill)

Hillbilly Talk
As a conservative place, Kentucky is home to some of the old fashion people in the country. Hillbillies, although just a small fraction of the total population, are a source of interest and intrigue to most people because of the way they talk.

While modern, their lingua inculcates words whose meaning is only poignant with that of the southerners. For example, “feller” is an unpopular name used by hillbillies to refer to people of any gender.

People travel far and wide to learn or decipher this uncommon language as it remains unique to Kentucky.

Rock Climbing
Adventure is part of the Kentucky spirit. The locals often go on rock climbing expeditions in different areas around the state, and it is fast becoming part of their outdoor routine.

The Red River Gorge is a popular spot where climbers enjoy outdoor Kentucky with less hassle. Common routes used in the quest to climb the Gorge are:
Roadside Attraction

It is a privately owned route with a dihedral crack that gives you a clear path to the top. You require a permit to gain access.
Super crack

This crack located past the Fibrulator is splitter-like, thus allowing room for your hands to penetrate and enable your climb.

Rock Wars
One of the fastest paths to the top is through rock wars, as it has space and width necessary for a successful climb. Locate this crack by walking straight along the wall until you reach a massive light roof.

The Food
Just like its name suggests, Kentucky is home to some of the best delicacies in the world. The most recognized meals include:

A meal prepared from a stew of pork, mutton, or chicken coupled with some delicious soup is a state delicacy, especially when hosting large crowds.

Hot Brown
The hot brown initially discovered in 1926 has evolved to become a household meal. Prepared by broiling or baking turkey and bacon is a fast meal that rids of immediate hunger.

Derby Pie
Typical pastries like chocolate and walnuts make this pie coveted among the residents. Be careful not to overindulge as it may cause a sweet tooth.

Bourbon Balls
A popular dessert among the Kentucky natives is bourbon balls. Made by crushing cookies and rolling them into bite sizes, these balls are a select type of food that people love.

The People
Although Kentucky is a cosmopolitan where people from every race and tribe are welcome, most of the population are natives. This group of people is friendly and loves guests no matter their ethnic background.

If you happen to get a flat, for example, the friendly people of Kentucky willingly offer to help even if they don’t know you.

Such kind and welcoming hearts are rare, and as such, it is unique to Kentucky.

Final Thoughts
While most people feel Kentucky isn’t the best place to settle or visit, the facts keep proving them wrong. Some of the most insane yet straightforward things like unwavering support for the wildcats, hunting, hillbilly talk, rock climbing, and food make the state standout locally and internationally. What are you waiting for? Don’t you think it’s time to plan a trip to Kentucky?

6 thoughts on “6 Things You Will Love About Kentucky

  1. Leslie Susan Clingan

    Kentucky is my home away from home. My mom and brother live there now. Hot brown is scrumptious and I like a mint julip for Derby Day. Beautiful landscape and good folks.

    1. Lysha Post author

      I think it is so interesting how some foods only get popular in certain parts of the country.


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