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I’m From…

By | July 30, 2005

I found this from CJ’s Site. Thought I do it… I am from peanut butter, from Bounce Laundry Softner and Legos. I am from the 2 story house, loving, funny, cheesy sausage balls. I am from the fern, hibiscus, honey, and the hot humid air. I am from movie watching and short-tempered, from Rob and… Read More »

Friday Forum – Dream Vacation

By | July 15, 2005

The object of today’s Friday Forum is to: Imagine that you could drop everything and leave *right now* for your ultimate DREAM vacation destination. Money is no object, and you can go absolutely anywhere your heart desires. What place “beckons” to you? Think about the country [or continent, region, city, etc.] that you would *most*… Read More »

13 Layer Dip

By | July 14, 2005

Thirteen Random Things You Like Doing: 1. surfing net 2. shopping 3. sleeping 4. playing with my kids 5. watching my kids learn 6. reading magazines 7. traveling 8. cruising 9. cleaning 10. teaching 11. eating 12. going to Auburn sports 13. taking baths Twelve Movies You Own 1. Jerry Maguire 2. True Lies 3.… Read More »

We’re home…

By | July 11, 2005

Sheesh! We are home finally! I’m exhausted. I’m in the process of unpacking, washing, cleaning, going through mail, and the list goes on! Here’s a couple pics from our trip! [pics have been removed from old account] First, here’s my new hair do! Thank you, Aunt Janet! Here’s my Mom with Drew Here’s the highest… Read More »