Syd Bream Bobblehead Day at the Braves

By | July 23, 2012

Atlanta Braves Welcome Legends of the Game for Third Annual Alumni Weekend

BravesGame6.9.12 - Welcome to Turner Field

Alumni Softball Game (1992 Braves vs. Braves Alumni)
BravesGame6.9.12 - Dale Murphy

BravesGame6.9.12 - Smoltz

So cool I got this shot. Here you see Mark Wohlers running from 1st to 2nd base. He had actually just batted the ball back with his hand. So funny!
BravesGame6.9.12 - Mark Wohlers

Between the softball game and the actual baseball game, they had a ceremony to commemorate Sid Breams’ Slide.
BravesGame6.9.12 - 161

BravesGame6.9.12 - 158

BravesGame6.9.12 - 170

braves polaroid

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