Super Steak Side Dishes You’ll Love

By | December 30, 2022

One dish you should never get wrong is steak. If you are serving steak at a dinner party or just a Friday night with your friends, you should consider what you are offering on the side of it that will make you and your guests feel like you are seated in a fabulous steak restaurant. You can make several different types of steak, and the juiciest of them all is the ribeye.

Of course, it’s often the most expensive, but it’s super worth it. Other cuts that are excellent to cook at home include a T-bone or porterhouse, but the sirloin and filet mignon often beat everything else out because they are affordable. You already know that the key to the best steak is proper cooking, and when you pair it with your homemade onion rings it may not feel as finished as you would like. The green salad is on the table, but what else could take the center stage of this meal? The steak may be the king, but the side dish that you make will help it to bring out the flavor and make it look amazing. Here are some of the best side dishes for steaks that are a perfect complement for the juicy meaty dish you’re about to give.

Tips For Meal Planning

  • Simple green beans. They may look simple when you are preparing them, but when you add shallot butter you add some beautiful color and flavor to your dinner. All you need to do is combine the butter and shallots, a little sugar and vinegar to blend everything together and then throw the beans in. If you want to accelerate the flavor, add a dash of garlic and some sauteed mushrooms and you really do elevate that dish.
  • Homemade wedges. If you have an air fryer you will get the best results here, but tossing through wedged potatoes with corn flour, paprika, oil, salt and pepper can help you to make the tastiest juiciest wedges. Don’t forget to leave the skins on the potatoes and serve with a dippable blue cheese dressing.
  • Hot corn on the Cob. It’s nice to have salad on the table with your steak, but nobody can resist the smell of freshly roasted corn on the cob. If you are heating up the grill ready for your steak, add some corn cobs on the side and make sure you have butter handy. Rolling on each of the corn cobs in butter afterwards is a delicious side dish, but don’t forget to add some chili or other flavoring through the butter so that the corn cobs have a much juicier flavor. On the side note, if you need a new grill for your meals, you can easily shop now.
  • Creamy potatoes. You can’t have a delicious steak without delicious potatoes, right? Scalloped potatoes are a favorite for most, as they are thinly sliced and covered in a delicious creamy cheese sauce. Use a slow cooker for these if you can so that you can concentrate on the beef rather than concentrating on whether or not the potatoes are cooked through.
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  1. Leslie

    I feel like my steaks cooked at home are never really good. The ones on the grill are edible but nothing like a steak at a steak restaurant. I probably don’t buy the best cuts of meat. Your post has me craving a steak dinner from Texas Roadhouse!!


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