Christmas Day 2022

By | December 29, 2022

Christmas Day we had a set time for the boys to come over. Alex had spent the night over and Drew’s on Christmas Eve. We started the morning as always with Apple Dumplins’, Sausage Balls, and store bought Cinnamon Rolls (for Alex).

2022-12-25 08.30.09
Then we took our family pics as always.

So my big Christmas present was this. A piece of paper that said I have tickets for a Katy Perry concert in Vegas in April!! So excited!!

2022-12-25 12.08.03
This is from Alex. A Dainty Necklace duo that I will treasure forever.

2022-12-25 13.57.53
Drew and Caitlyn got me a really nice Dutch oven and tickets for a wine tasting at Auburn’s new culinary center.

After opening presents Rob and I loaded up the car with all the food and presents we were bringing over to my in-laws for the day. After setting out all the food I had brought, I made a plate of dips and veggies.

2022-12-25 13.33.03
Around 3:30 after Alex and Madison got there we started making the dough for our homemade pasta. Madison stepped right in and actually started a batch with lots of guidance.

2022-12-25 15.47.03
Alex ended up taking over her batch because it does get tiring.

2022-12-25 16.16.59
Caitlyn did a small batch of gluten free Cavatelli.

2022-12-25 15.58.04
Here the batch of hand cavoted gluten free Cavatelli. The regular Cavatelli gets to made with a hand cranked machine, as you see the family doing here.

2022-12-25 16.39.38
However the gluten free dough didn’t go through the machine very well, so they had to be hand made.

2022-12-25 16.39.34
2022-12-25 16.49.52
2022-12-25 17.14.12
After dinner we gathered around to open presents and I just happen to sit next to Alex and Madison.

2022-12-25 18.07.18
2022-12-25 18.12.01
We ended the evening with a game of Punch Bowl that Rob and I had played at our Sunday School party the week before. Maybe I’ll write a post about the game, because I can’t seem to find it with a quick google search. It’s a great game that everyone can play just gathered around the room like you see here.

2022-12-25 20.34.42
We had a great Christmas Day! How was yours?

3 thoughts on “Christmas Day 2022

  1. Natasha

    Oooohhh — a concert AND a trip — what a GREAT present! And I love all the homemade pasta. That’s a yummy dinner anytime!

  2. Joanne

    That sounds like a fabulous Christmas! I am all about experience gifts and it sounds like you have some fun ones coming up.


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