Sugar Bowl Weekend 2017

By | January 27, 2017

When we found out that Auburn was going to the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans, we decided we would go. We were able to get 2 tickets since we have 2 regular season tickets. Drew would be going with the Auburn University Marching Band (AUMB). They left Friday, Dec. 30th first thing in the morning. We left that morning too, but not as early because Rob hadn’t been feeling great.

We stayed in Baton Rouge with Rob’s cousin and her family from Friday till Tuesday. We watched lots of football, played games, and just enjoyed visiting.

Saturday, Rob and I along with his Dad and Step Mom, Pam, went to New Orleans for the Sugar Bowl parade. I really enjoyed getting to see all the marching bands, but especially AUMB.

Here’s some pictures from the rest of the parade as well as a few from around New Orleans.

The OU Band followed behind AUMB. I was shocked they just walked and were very casual.
The Pride of Oklahoma Band

AUMB was near the front of the parade, so we left the parade after watching almost all of it and met Drew and Caitlyn at their hotel.

*The next day the band had more practicing.AUMB Rehearsal

*Chatting during a practice break

*Drum Majors

*Drew and Caitlyn in the Superdome after one of their practices.

Sunday night the AUMB held an end of the year banquet. *Drew and Caitlyn (far left) with some of their trombone buddies.
AUMB Banquet - New Orleans

*Dr. Spurlin talks about their year.
AUMB Banquet - New Orleans

*Wonder what they’re up to here?
AUMB Banquet - New Orleans

On Monday afternoon, Rob and Alex left for the game despite the yucky weather. They hung out in New Orleans before the game. Here’s Alex before going into the game.


*Aubie with Dr. Spurlin

*Aubie and the drum majors

*Aubie and the trombones before the game

*Aubie always has fun despite the outcome of the game.Aubie

Tuesday, we all met for lunch at Chimes, which is one of our favorite restaurants in Baton Rouge. We went to the one near LSU’s campus.

Here are the 8 Lindsay kids and my 2 kids after eating lunch at Chimes.

After our goodbyes, they went about their day and we checked out LSU’s campus before heading home.

To see all the pics from our weekend click here.

Click here to see more photos of our weekend.

Photos with * stars above them were taken by Keith Stephenson.

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