Strike a Pose
This is one of my awesome student workers, Marci. She was sporting her BAZINGA shirt (Big Bang Theory) the other day and I just couldn’t resist having her strike a pose. Thanks, Marci! So cute!


Favorite Footwear
These are not my “go to” shoes, but I like them because I usually always wear black shoes. I get excited when I put together an outfit that I can wear these. Pretty comfortable too.

meandthehelp - 3
Reading is a hobby I try to embrace. I’ve a pretty slow reader most of the time and my comprehension has never been great. As much as I really want to read this book, “The Help” I may have to give up on it. 🙁 I do enjoy reading. Just hard to find time and the concentration that I need, lately.

ColorfulSequins - 1

ColorfulSequins - 5

Color Me Green
For those of you who enjoy using Avacados in your cooking, you know they have been so expensive for quite some time. Like, $1-2 EACH! I found them recently for 64 cents each. I couldn’t resist. Can’t wait to make some Gauc. 🙂