Library Story #2

By | February 5, 2012

Library Story

WARNING: Bathroom Story

So my first silly story is about something that just happened to me here at work. This lady comes up to the Circulation desk and talks to my student worker. I noticed that she had a look of disgust as she was talking. She walks off and my student worker tells me that one of the women’s bathroom is disgusting and that she can’t even use 4 of the stalls. Luckily that bathroom has 8 stalls. I get up to go see what she’s talking about. I’m like “wow, wonder what I’ll find in here.” I’m visualizing stuff smeared on the toilet or walls or nasty stuff on the floor. I’m thinking back to the days of having a 2 year old get loose in the bathroom.

I take a deep breath as I walk in, ready to hold my breath for what it may reek of. That doesn’t last long and I have to take a breath. sniff – sniff – sniff….”doesn’t smell bad? Well that’s a good sign.” I flick open the first stall, nothing. 2nd stall, little toilet paper on the floor and toilet needs to be flushed, nothing disgusting. 3rd stall, nothing, 4 stall, ok, a little more evidence that needs to be flushed, but still nothing that wouldn’t flush with ease. Checked the other stalls and only 1 more needed to be flushed. So I’m leaving the bathroom thinking, “this woman must not have children, because I’ve seen WAY worse!” I’ve also taught school so I’ve seen worse things in my classroom. I guess that woman just has a very low tolerance for that type thing.


It really drives me crazy how I have not been taking the time to write about life, like I used to. Maybe it’s because I feel my readers (all 3 of them) will get board or find it totally mundane. Which a lot of life stories probably are, but they are MY stories. When I don’t take the time to record them, they’re memories that will be short lived. Putting my life in writing makes it real, makes it where I can come back in 5 years and read what silly little things were going on. I love doing that now. I enjoy so much going back and laughing at the stupid little things that made me laugh or even cry back then. Get my drift?

I’m really going to make it a point to write about life. I also need to carry around a notebook and use it to jot down things that the kids say or that hear or see in passing, because I forget!

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