Savannah, Georgia Roadtrip {2005}

By | June 7, 2005


Here’s what we did on our trip over Memorial Day. Friday at lunch Rob kept asking me what I wanted to do over the weekend. I didn’t really have any ideas. He mentioned maybe go to Savannah. I said that sounded fun since that’s somewhere he’s always wanted to take me and I’ve always wanted to go! Well, I had to come home and first get a sub for sunday school. I did that, but still wasn’t sure if we’d go because I looked on the internet for hotels and there weren’t very many. So when he got home at around 6, we talked again and decided to stay at the Comfort Inn in Richmond Hill near Savannah. Then, we researched a couple more things and packed. We were racing around like crazy, called Rob’s brother to feed the dog while we were gone, all the while T baby was screaming his lungs off and Drew was griping about helping us!!! We got out of town about 10 pm!! We got to our hotel about 3:30 am, checked into the hotel, unloaded everything, put Alex in the playpen only to listen to him cry and scream for about 15 minutes, since he’d been sleeping pretty much the whole way there.

Saturday morning the wake-up call rang at 7 am. We got up and surprisingly felt pretty good. Not exhausted from only a few hours of sleep. We drove over to Savannah to walk about and site see. I was very excited! We went to the welcome center to get brochures and a Savannah Downtown Map and get ideas of what we wanted to see. Then we got in the car to find closer parking to where we wanted to walk around. We found a parking garage near the John Wesley statue at Reynolds Square that only cost a $1 for the entire time we were there!! (parking garage was at W Bryan and Whitaker)

John Wesley Statue

One thing about Savannah is that I loved all the “squares”. They were each unique and special in their own way. They were all beautiful with large oak trees and Spanish moss hanging from them. We walked from Johnson Square to the river walk, which was nice. We walked the city some more visiting the following squares and notable places:
Reynolds Square
Johnson Square
Christ Church
Oglethorpe Monument
Chippewa Square
Chatham Academy
Telfair Museum of Art
Trinity United Methodist Church
City Hall
Wright Square

Girl Scouts Founder's House
Juliette Gordon Low’s Birthplace

And probably more, I just can’t remember them all.

Then we stopped at Coop’s Classic Grill ~ 17 W. Broughton Street for a drink as we were pretty thirsty. At this point, Alex had fallen asleep in his stroller. We had seen pretty much everything we wanted to in Savannah so we raced over to make the 12:30 Savannah Riverboat Tour. This was interesting and gave us a good break to rest our legs.

Fun in Savannah

After that we walked back to our car and decided to go see if we could get over to Tybee Island. That ended up being traffic all the way across the bridge and we didn’t know how long that would take so we checked out Skidaway Island, which was so exclusive we couldn’t really see anything. By then we were starving so we headed to Love’s Seafood for dinner, which was recommended by a lady at a gas station we stopped at. Saturday evening we went swimming

Sunday we checked out of the hotel and drove to St. Mary’s, GA to see if we could get on the 11:45 ferry over to Cumberland Island. We were put on standby, so we raced over to Walmart for food and other stuff, since the island has nothing except water fountains and bathrooms! We got back to the to the river, packed up, and went to the ferry. It’s a 45 minute ride over to the island. We got to the island and walked around. We saw wild horses and the dungeoneous. From there we took a mile and half hike to the beach while pushing a stroller through sand. There Alex and Drew enjoyed the water. T-baby enjoyed playing in the sand a lot! At 4:20 we walked back to catch the ferry back to St. Mary’s.

Hiking to the other side of the island


Wild Horses

It's so Beautiful there!

Fun on Cumberland Island

When we got back to the car, we decided to extend our trip one more day and head to Jacksonville, FL. We checked in to the Holiday Inn and went to eat at St. John’s Seafood. We swam after dinner and got some good rest.

Monday we woke up and had breakfast at the hotel restaurant and then went to the Jacksonville Zoo. Alex really enjoyed it. He especially liked the birds and fish. Drew and Rob liked the Anteater! We left the zoo about 4:00 and got home about 8:30.

Jacksonville Zoo

Jacksonville Zoo

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