New York 2023:Day 8

By | November 16, 2023

Here we are for another cruise post. Today I’m sharing about our day in Bermuda. If you missed the other posts from this trip you can look here>>>New York 2023 Trip.

We got up early and packed for our day out. Then went to eat breakfast as the ship finished pulling in to port.

It was the day of towel animal explosion on the lido deck.

2023-07-15 07.56.19

Rob got a coke while we waited to disembark.

2023-07-15 07.58.07

Our first order of business was to figure the best way to get over to Hamilton, which is the capital of Bermuda. We had made the decision ahead of time, we would not do a Carnival excursion and instead just explore on our own.

We learned from King’s Wharf (cruise port) to Hamilton would be 45 minutes by bus or 20 minutes by water taxi. The water taxi was only $5 a person/one way.

We elected to do the water taxi, but had some time to kill since our taxi was leaving at 9:45am so we walked around the cruise port called the Dockyard.









Leaving the Dockyard, we got some magnificent views of the ship and the surrounding area.



Bermuda is a British island territory in the North Atlantic Ocean The island has an interesting fusion of British and American culture.


After getting off the water taxi, we walked over to Queen Elizabeth Park and then circled back around to the Bermuda sign.




We walked a good ways down Front Street. This is Bermuda’s premier street for shopping, which overlooks the harbor in Hamilton City. There you’ll find pastel colored colonial buildings with all the shops you could ever want from local run to jewelry to high end clothing. Walking is the best way to check this street out.

We did walk up a few blocks from Front Street to see more.

2023-07-15 10.57.59



We were on the hunt for somewhere to eat lunch. We ended up at the Pickled Onion. A little pricey, but good.



We had their signature drink the Pickled Swizzle, which is basically the Rum Swizzle, the national drink of Bermuda.

2023-07-15 11.39.33

The views from the restaurant were nice.

2023-07-15 11.31.13

2023-07-15 10.54.08

2023-07-15 10.54.36

After eating we took the city bus to Horseshoe Beach.

The city bus dropped us off a at the bus stop which was a good ways from the actual beach. There was a bit of a hike down to the beach, so keep that in mind if you ever do do this. There was a boardwalk down to the beach.


You do get a nice view walking down.


Bermuda is known for their pink sand beaches. I will say just looking at the sand on this beach it wasn’t very pink. However when you put some in your hand your could see the light red pieces. I meant to take a picture of that but forgot. Still beautiful, none the less.


Sporting my new bathing suit after 25ish lbs of weight loss.

2023-07-15 14.01.17

We only stayed at the beach an hour or so. We had planned to take the city bus back, but when looking at the schedule we realized we wouldn’t make it back in time. We went to the parking lot where we were able to take a mini-bus back to the port.

Got to see some beautiful views on the way back to the ship through the window of the bus.

2023-07-15 14.32.15

2023-07-15 14.36.54-1

Once we got back to the ship there was a very long line to get back on this ship. It can be quite aggravating when they don’t open more than 1 gangway. This never really was an issue until after COVID when cruise lines have cut the number of employees they have working on each ship.


That afternoon, I ended up with a migraine, probably from standing in the hot sun while in line to get back on the ship. I got a nice long nap and then joined Rob on the lanai. Then Family Feud game show, dinner, and adult comedy show.

2023-07-15 20.55.54

2023-07-15 21.08.44

2023-07-15 19.33.28

2 thoughts on “New York 2023:Day 8

  1. Leslie Susan Clingan

    You guys really made good use of your time at port. I am impressed with how clean everything looks. The sand looks slightly rosy. I remember the beach in Nice was littered with sea glass and it was beautiful. Wonder what it is in the sand that is red in Bermuda?

    You look fabulous!! Check out those great legs. Congratulations on the weight loss.


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