New York 2023:Day 7 & 9

By | November 13, 2023

Here we are back for the Cruise part of our NY trip. This was kind of a 3 part trip and I’ve struggled with how to title these posts. If you missed the other posts from this trip you can look here>>>New York 2023 Trip. So today I’m talking about our 2 days at sea that sandwiched our day in Bermuda.

2023-07-14 10.46.31

2023-07-14 11.05.03

2023-07-14 11.06.07

Hoping to learn more about Bermuda…ended up being an hour of them just telling us about all the places to spend money that were right there at the port. They even discouraged leaving that port area (because there wouldn’t be enough time) unless you were on a Carnival Excursion. You’ll find out in my next post we proved him so wrong.

2023-07-14 11.41.59

2023-07-14 16.23.28


2023-07-14 16.42.37

Steel drum guy
2023-07-14 16.34.38

Captain’s party on formal night

2023-07-14 19.24.28

We got introduced to all the high ups who make our vacation great!

2023-07-14 19.43.02

A lovely formal dinner

2023-07-14 20.13.27

The last day at sea and the last full day on the ship, we relaxed and didn’t do too much.

2023-07-16 10.00.02

More steel drums

2023-07-16 16.22.14

Loved all the shaded areas around the pool

2023-07-16 11.10.10


2023-07-16 09.44.37

A great show to end the cruise!


See more pics from these 2 days here>>>>Days at Sea

3 thoughts on “New York 2023:Day 7 & 9

  1. Joanne

    It sounds wonderful! We just booked a cruise this week and I can not wait to go.

  2. Leslie Susan Clingan

    You kids look pretty darn relaxed. I would say the trip was a big success. I have enjoyed traveling with you through your posts and pictures. Anxious to see what you guys got into when you ventured beyond the port in Bermuda. Love your dress for the formal dinner. I would be so nervous!! Were you comfortable or stressed at dinner? I would spill my wine, slurp my spaghetti, and just make a general mess.


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