New York 2023:Day 3 & 4

By | September 27, 2023

Day 3 of our New York Trip was actually our 1st full day in New Jersey. That morning we got gas and quickly figured out that NJ is a state that you can’t pump your own gas. After a quick google search when writing this post, August of this year it’s actually the ONLY state where you can’t pump your own gas. source

2023-07-10 09.53.41

First stop was to drive over to Montville, NJ to drive by Rob’s grandparents old house and his great uncle’s old stomping grounds to take a few pictures.

2023-07-10 10.18.03

Then, we made a trip over to Wegmans in Hanover, NJ because we just love Wegmans so we can’t be that close to one and not go check it out.

2023-07-10 10.41.10

They have several food bars and decided to go ahead and grab lunch there. They have a nice seating area where people were eating and working/studying.

2023-07-10 11.34.33

2023-07-10 10.57.41

2023-07-10 10.47.53

After that we had to head on over to the Montclair State University, where the conference was that Rob was in charge of/attending.

2023-07-10 12.46.17

Testing everything for the opening night.

2023-07-10 13.20.33

That afternoon we had to go to the airport and pick up a coworker of Rob’s who was flying in for the conference. Got to see more of New Jersey in the daytime.

2023-07-10 14.38.19>

That evening was a meet and greet with food and open bar. I had a good time meeting new people and chatting with the folks I already knew from other conferences of Rob’s.

Day 4
The next day Rob was busy all day with the conference and he was able to take the shuttle to the conference, so I had the rental car. I wasn’t feeling great so I didn’t do to much.

Besides just watching YouTube and Netflix, I went to a nearby Trader Joe’s for some snacks.

2023-07-11 11.08.50

2023-07-11 11.06.36

That afternoon I drove over to Paterson Great Fall Historical Park.



I was curious why there was a statue of Alexander Hamilton there. I learned that during his role as America’s first Treasury Secretary in the last 1700’s, he laid out a plan for Paterson as America’s first industrial city. The Great Falls and the water power they generated were the reasons Hamilton chose this location as the base for his industrial dreams.


2023-07-11 14.29.50Click to zoom in and read



The area was under construction as you can see here.


And due to safety concerns the footbridge crossing the Passaic River is closed indefinitely until its replaced.

2023-07-11 14.30.08


After that I was starting to feel a bit better, and decided to check out Garrett Mountain Reservation.

We don’t see signs like this in our area.

2023-07-11 15.00.39

However, when I got over there I realized I didn’t have a ton of time to hike any of the trails, so I had to head back to the hotel to get ready for dinner.

That evening we had been invited to go out with a vendor, who I met a couple years ago when she was in Auburn. We got to ride in her Porcshe SUV.

2023-07-11 16.31.08

We went to a really nice restaurant in downtown Montclair called Faubourg.

2023-07-11 16.52.43

2023-07-11 16.53.19

What we ordered:
Rob: Spicy Pineapple Margarita, Elvis Presley, Branzino
Lysha: Chardonnay, Spicy Pineapple Margarita, 12oz Sirloin Steak
Several appetizers and dessert were shared amongst the table. All top quality. Highly recommend!

2023-07-11 16.57.20

2023-07-11 17.07.51

2023-07-11 17.45.42

After dinner, we went back to the hotel and hit the hay. Rob had another conference day and I had a day trip planned! That post coming soon!

More pics from the day here

3 thoughts on “New York 2023:Day 3 & 4

  1. Leslie Susan Clingan

    Proud of you to take that rental car and create your own adventure while Rob was at the conference. Those falls are so forceful or powerful. Wow, I would be scared that church or building would wash into the water from being so close the falls and the water in general.

  2. Joanne

    That waterfall is amazing! We almost always forget that you can’t pump your own gas in NJ whenever we pass through.


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