Memories of the Month {7.2020}

By | July 31, 2020

Memories of the Month - Here's a great idea for wrapping up the month with a set of questions to remember how your last month with.  I love going back and reading through what happened throughout the years.

This month I was happy about: getting slicer tomatoes to fully ripe! Just so exciting!

This month I was sad about: having terrible poison ivy. I talked about that here.

This year I’m going to rate the books & movies. Here’s my rating system:
♥ ♥ = Love it! A must read/see!
♥ = Really good! Highly recommend.
✓ ✓ = Good, not great
✓ = Not much to talk about
X = Awful. Total waste of time

Movies I watched were:
Don’t think we watched any movies.

TV Shows I watched were:
The Baker and the Beauty (ABC) ♥ Finally finished it.
Dead to Me (Netflix) ✓
Sweet Magnolias (Netflix) ♥ Finished it and can’t wait for Season 2!
Trinkets (Netflix) just started but seems pretty good so far.

Rob and I watched:
The Office (Netflix) – ✓
Last Man Standing (reruns) – ✓ ✓ Rob watches reruns when nothing else is on.

Things I read:
Finishing up on the Book of Acts study. I got a little behind, but I should be done with it in a couple days.

Podcasts I listened to:
Epic Gardening – I watch his Youtube Channel and really enjoy it, so decided to give his podcast a shot. Nice 10 minutes or less episodes packed full of great gardening info.

My favorite song this month was:
The City by Same Fischer

What I remember about work was: interviewing students and ramping up for fall semester.

Something I learned this month was: I am sometimes too hopeful and positive thinking in that things that are planned will happen. I guess I need to be more skeptical, especially with COVID still going strong.

A friend and I: stood outside our front yard and chatted when she need to drop off and pick something up.

My favorite pic that I took was:

The favorite thing I cooked was: Instant Pot Spaghetti
Instant Pot Spaghetti - Need something to whip up for dinner in less than 30 minutes? Need to dust off your Instant Pot? Here's a super yummy Instant Pot Spaghetti recipe that everyone will love!

Drew was: still working from home and finishing up his last semester as an undergrad at Auburn University. I still can’t believe it.

Alex was: not happy about our Boy Scout troops 5 day local camp out, but per the usual ended up enjoying it even though he gotten eat alive by ants, chiggers, and mosquitoes.

Rob was: busy chairing on Boy Scout COVID committee, being on COVID committee for Wesley Foundation, preparing for our Boy scout troop’s annual planning day, and more.

The thing I’ll remember most from this month was: unfortunately, the cancellation (postponement) of Drew’s college graduation announce less than 2 weeks before the big day.

Look back at last month.

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