Memories of the Month {2.2020}

By | March 1, 2020

Memories of the Month - Here's a great idea for wrapping up the month with a set of questions to remember how your last month with.  I love going back and reading through what happened throughout the years.

This month I was happy about: getting my talk I have to give in March previewed and approved. *big sigh of relief*

This month I was sad about: all the rain is just getting us down.

This year I’m going to rate the books & movies. Here’s my rating system:
♥ ♥ = Love it! A must read/see!
♥ = Really good! Highly recommend.
✓ ✓ = Good, not great
✓ = Not much to talk about
X = Awful. Total waste of time

Movies I watched were:
Don’t think I watched any movies this last month.

TV Shows I watched were:
Anne with an E: Season 3 (Netflix) ♥ ♥ – taking my time with this one.
Hart of Dixie (Netflix) rewatching♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
All American (CW) ♥ ♥
New Amsterdam ♥ ♥
Bachelor (think I forgot to mention this in January) I’m kind of over this show, but there’s an Auburn girl in it so I’ve been watching it.

Rob and I watched:
A Million Little Things ♥ ♥
The Good Doctor ♥ ♥
Blue Bloods ♥
Hawaii Five-0 ♥
Saturday in the South ♥
Last Man Standing ♥
Young Sheldon ♥
The Conners ✓ ✓

Podcasts I listened to:
Over My Dead Body – didn’t finish
Detective Trapp
Atlanta Monster – still listening to it

Things I read:
I didn’t read anything this last month really except my devotionals on my Bible App.

My favorite song this month was:
Everything’s Gotta Change by Anna Akana – A Song from “A Million Little Things”

What I remember about work was:
Just trying to make it through the day because of this nerve pain that I’m experiencing that starts in my hip and runs down my leg. It gets quite excruciating in the afternoons.

A lesson I learned this month was: Raspberry Creme Kit Kats are gross!

A friend and I: discussed our Cookbook Club coming up.

My favorite pic that I took was:

The favorite thing I cooked was:
Red & Green Pasta, which is similar to Plain Chicken’s Cajun Sausage Chicken Spinach Pasta

Drew has been: busy with his Marketing internship as well as classes.

Alex has been: getting more and more excited about his upcoming 16th birthday and he got his braces off!

Rob was: busy looking for a dog for us.

The thing I’ll remember most from this month was: learning about seed starting and getting excited about trying it for myself.

Look back at last month.

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