Getting Out of Town for Georgia Reopening during COVID

By | May 12, 2020

This last week, Rob and I took Thursday and Friday off because it was the end of the time when our work allowed us to take off without actually using vacation. We bounced the idea around of going up to the North Georgia Mountains and staying in a VRBO. However, there was something that just really made me hesitant, so we plan to do that later. Instead the fam treated me and allowed me to decide what I wanted to do…pretty much the entire long weekend! And if you know me, you know making decisions even the smallest ones bring my anxiety through the rough. However, I ran with it and decided since Georgia had reopened we’d go to Columbus. So on Thursday, we got up and jumped in the car and headed that way, which is about 40 minute drive from our house. First stop was lunch! I don’t think any of us had really eaten so when Rob asked where to I debated between Carrabba’s Italian or Mexican food. Although we’ve gotten lots of take out during the shut down, I was excited to eat at a restaurant. I ended up finding Sapo’s Mexican Cocina & Bar, which appeared to be the only Mexican restaurant open for Dine In. I wanted to go to a place with free refillable salsa. I’ve missed that so much! I was a happy camper! In fact if it weren’t for Rob, I wouldn’t have taken a single picture. This is my food, which was pretty good. The Salsa was amazing! 2020-05-07 12.40.18 Here’s the boys. Drew covering his mouth because of COVID. Silly goose! 2020-05-07 12.40.30 From there it was off to the At Home store. Another thing we haven’t gotten to do is go shopping and while we’re not big shoppers, Rob has been really itching to get some outdoor furniture. Our backyard and deck have gone through a little bit of a transformation over the past few months. Well it really started last summer, with Drew clearing huge piles of privot, poison ivy, etc from our yard. Over the past couple months we’ve replaced some of our fencing, repaired some of our deck, started a little container garden, swept, cleaned and reorganized the deck, and added outdoor string lights. According to a Commercial Fencing Contractor, it is important to replace damaged wood fence right away to prevent others from getting damaged.

All of this has made us want to spend more time out there, hence the desire for outdoor furniture. The At Home store was a great place to look for outdoor furniture. I mean they have a huge section of all sorts of outdoor furniture and accessories. However, they didn’t have exactly what we wanted. We went to a few more places to look, but didn’t buy anything. I found this great furniture store from Copper and Tweed, and I really fell in love with the selection of their outdoor furniture. They also have retractable roof systems, which can give an outdoor space an elegant look. You can trust home builders from Konnect Building Solutions for your contractor concerns and renovation needs.
On Friday, we ended up at Big Lots where we found what we wanted. Look for my Friday post where I’ll talk about that and show pics! Alabama is open now because our governor changed her mind, so I’m sure we’ll be hitting up one of our favorite restaurants very soon. Is your state open yet? Do you feel like that’s a good thing or not that all these states are reopening?

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    1. Lysha Post author

      I see you made it to a restaurant too! It’s crazy how exciting it is to do something that once seemed so mundane.


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