Long Weekend in Lakeland, FL

By | December 16, 2022

Our good friends’ daughter got married this past weekend. Rob and I decided to make a trip out of it so we’d be there to help however they needed us. We left Thursday to drive down to Lakeland, FL and looked at hotels.

We stopped about half way down in Valdosta, GA at the Smokin’ Pig for lunch. Nothing to write home about. We got into Lakeland about 5pm, checked into the motel, and walked over to Black & Brew for dinner. We met up with family that traveled from many different places.

We were right across from Munn Park which was all decorated for Christmas.

2022-12-08 19.47.36
2022-12-08 19.55.25
We got up and ate breakfast at the hotel. We did some thrifting and then met up with our friends. Ben showed us around the campus of Florida Southern, which is a very interesting looking campus. Beautiful.

2022-12-09 11.08.59
2022-12-09 11.22.44
2022-12-09 11.19.41
That evening was the rehearsal dinner. I didn’t really take any pics there, but Rob I walked around the lake near the The Peggy Brown Building – Lake Mirror Complex afterwards.

2022-12-09 20.28.03
2022-12-09 20.29.43
We got up and walked over to the market that was going on in downtown Lakeland. I got a couple things (homemade hummus and chips). Rob tried Kombucha for the first time and ended up purchasing some. We shared it.

2022-12-10 08.54.19
2022-12-10 09.09.02
2022-12-10 09.15.50
I had some bread in my pocket from the samples we got, so we brought them over to the lake and I fed the birds.

2022-12-10 10.01.16
We also just walked around Mirror Lake and Lake Morton.

2022-12-10 09.27.47-1
2022-12-10 10.03.38-1
2022-12-10 10.26.57
2022-12-10 10.36.23
Then we had to run an errand for the wedding and eventually had to go get ready to go the wedding. Here’s some pics from the reception.

2022-12-10 17.07.37ee
2022-12-10 17.49.52-1
2022-12-10 19.09.23
2022-12-10 19.37.03
2022-12-10 21.35.33

2022-12-10 19.52.08
The next morning, we were up a little earlier than I’d like but it was all good. We had breakfast with the our friends at the Terrace Hotel.

2022-12-11 07.17.13
2022-12-11 07.29.57eee
2022-12-11 08.16.29
2022-12-11 08.15.50
2022-12-11 09.05.16
After that we walked across the street to enjoy the lake one more time before going to pack up and head to Spring Hill to visit Rob’s uncle and grandpa. Then headed home on Monday.
2022-12-11 09.11.17

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  1. Joanne

    That sounds like a wonderful weekend! I bet your friends were so happy to have you on hand if they needed any help.


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