Carnival Glory:Day 4:Montego Bay

By | December 22, 2022

Here we are for another cruise post. This is our first day in port. Our first time in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Kind of crazy all the cruises we’ve been on and this was our first time in Jamaica.

We ended up booking Off-Road Safari excursion through Carnival. The description says, “Begin in a 4×4 safari truck, negotiating mountainous roads for spectacular views of Montego Bay from sites as high as 1,500 ft. above sea level. Experience the diversity of charming rural communities and towns. Stop at a former historic hospital that was converted to a church in 1846. Enjoy the running commentary of your guide/driver and view the ruins of a sugar factory that operated in the 1700s. Travel to one of Jamaica’s many beautiful rivers and have the opportunity to splash in the refreshing waters of a small waterfall.”

View from our ship


Here are some sights once we were in the safari truck.



We stopped for the view in a random spot (here) – our guide told us that the haze was the Saharan Dust, which we experienced back in 2020 when we were in St. Simons Island.


I enjoy riding through towns on the islands. Seeing where they live and getting out of the touristy areas is so interesting.


Since we didn’t have a tour guide, just a driver. The driver would stop and come to the side of the bus and point out different things.


Clothes line on the roof



We made a stop at the Chukka Cove Adventure Ziplines & Tubing area so we thought we were going to try the zip line activity, but it was only to have the chance to go to the bathroom and buy snacks/drink. However, that wasn’t made clear to us when we stopped since we didn’t have a tour guide to share that with us. *eyeroll*



Then a drive to the historic church



Former historic hospital that was converted to a church in 1846




Not far from there were the hidden falls



When we got back on the bus our driver handed out rum punch.


Over all the excursion was fine. Could have been better…with a tour guide that shared more about the sights we were seeing, but we were still glad we did it.

When we got back to port, we wanted to take a taxi back into town with the time we had left. However, I was starving and was really feeling lightheaded and beat up after the bumpy ride through Montego Bay. We also wanted to get more info about taking a taxi out, so we got back on the ship, ate lunch, and got the information we needed.

We went to the taxi area and all the taxi drivers were really funny about not wanting to just take us since we were only 2 people. That made us worry that if we did wait for a smaller taxi that we would have that issue in town and might get stuck. So instead we just shopped in that area outside of the cruise port. I also got a local beer that was really good.


After getting back on the ship, I went to lay down for a nap and Rob went to the lobby and listened to live music. When I woke up from my nap, I went to the deli for a snack, since dinner time wasn’t for several hours still.


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3 thoughts on “Carnival Glory:Day 4:Montego Bay

  1. Joanne

    That hidden waterfall is so pretty! I like to really see where the people live when I visit somewhere new too and not just stick to the touristy areas also.

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  3. Jinjer

    Ok that last picture with the hot dog and cookies is my kind of FOOD! lol Yum!!!

    Very interesting about the clotheslines on the roof! I assumed those were power lines! I wonder how they get up onto the roof? Is there a trap door in the ceiling? Or a balcony with a spiral staircase?


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