iSpy #100 (the last one)

By | December 5, 2022

Let's Play iSpy 2022

Hey yall! So this will be the last iSpy (at least for awhile). We will see. I was going to finish off this year, but then I thought with it being our 100th iSpy and it be the Christmas season, this is a good time to call it quits. The reason I’m not continuing on with iSpy even after having the survey is that the participation over the last month or so has dwindled to 1 or 2 people each week. Really more than that I’m just burnt out. 🙁

Thanks to all that have participated!! I appreciate it so much. It’s been so fun and I’ve hope it has spurred your creativity. Keep posting pics! I’ll keep visiting your blogs to see your pics. Do a weekly post of random photos you took or just sharing more pics in your regular posts.

If you would like to share your quarterly & monthly shots for the year in a post, I’ll keep this link up through January 7th so you can come back and share that if you’d like.

Here’s my last few pics for iSPy….

colorful a new Elton bobblehead Rob got sitting on the kitchen table until he finds a spot for it in his office.

2022-12-03 19.10.32

backyard – quarterly – no pic

far our Christmas lights Rob did this weekend are far from perfect, but perfect for us!

2022-12-04 20.08.20

jewelry a bracelet of my Great Grandmother’s


choose anything – monthly – my fridge that needs to be cleaned out!

2022-12-04 14.19.42

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5 thoughts on “iSpy #100 (the last one)

  1. Kym

    The Christmas lights, and that bracelet – both so pretty! I’m sorry that you’re feeling burnt out and that participation in I Spy is down. I understand – I’ve hosted my share of link-ups that have run their course in the past and if it’s become a chore for the hostess then it’s time to take a break. I sure will miss it though! I’ll be posting my collections of quarterly collages over the next couple weeks. Have a great holiday season!

  2. Leslie

    Ohhhh, hate to see you are discontinuing iSpy. But I completely understand. I worked on my November post all the way through December and still didn’t get it finished. Maybe if we did one prompt a week with all 4 weeks announced at the beginning of the month or even at the end of the month before? Would you be game to participate if I try to set that up? I really need these challenges to help me look for and appreciate the beauty around me…even in everyday things.

    How funny that there’s an Elton John bobble head!! Always thought they were just for baseball players.

    We didn’t put up light one so your lights are far and beyond ours!! I really want something new for outside for next year. Not sure what. We have an inflatable nativity scene but it won’t stand up straight so Mary and Joseph are always hunched over.

    Think about iSpy. If you think you might be able to join in if I host, then let me know.
    Merry Christmas!!

    1. Lysha Post author

      I’m thinking I might bring iSpy back in March after my son’s wedding in February. If I’m not feeling up for it, we can revisit this conversation then.


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