Kicking Diet Coke to the Curb!

By | March 5, 2012

You may have noticed from my weekly rewind photo post that one of my goals as of last week is to cut down on Diet Coke. I know writing about my goal is the 1st step, actually a huge step, because I’m not keeping it all to myself. I’m telling the world wide web. haha! I’m serious about this. I’m also more serious than usual because I usually just say, “No more diet coke, only water!” That for me is setting myself up for total failure. I’m not a fan of water. I can drink it, but don’t enjoy it at all. Diet Coke is my “crutch.” When I’m in a good mood, “Oh, I’ll have a Diet Coke.” When I’m mad, “Oh, I’ll have a Diet Coke.” When I’m upset, “Oh, I’ll have a Diet Coke.” When I’m thirsty, “Oh, I’ll have a Diet Coke.” You get my drift. Diet Coke is pretty much all I drink. I occasionally drink milk, but over the years have cut out all juices, etc for fear of gaining more weight. I’ve read some articles and have read some posts from other bloggers how Diet Coke has effected their health. I’m so anxious to see how I feel when I cut it out.

Initially, I’m subbing Diet Coke for the powdered drinks, (ie Crystal Light) that still have aspartame in them, which I know is at the root of most of the issues with Diet Coke. For me, this is a step in the right direction. I am so accustomed to drinking carbonated drinks. I also plan to make and try some different types of tea. I know green tea is good for you and I’ve done some research about black tea. I think if I find other options for drinking, I won’t be stuck drinking one things 24/7. Too much of one thing is not a good thing. I will eventually go to decaf on everything. I used to drink Caffeine Free Diet Coke, but when we started shopping at Sam’s, they didn’t have the 34 packs in CFDC so I just started getting regular diet coke. Consequently, I’m now addicted to Caffeine. I’ve learned that quitting cold turkey will only induce serious migraines. In fact, today I didn’t have a Diet Coke or Crystal Light until around 2 and I was starting to feel awful. I popped open a Diet Coke and my head started to feel better fairly quickly.

I was just doing some research and it seems that the ENERGY Crystal Light I got has triple the amount of caffeine that a diet coke has. The only reason I decided to get those is so that I would have something with caffeine so that I can wean off the caffeine. Needless to say, after I’m done drinking those, I won’t be purchasing anymore of those!

I’ve learned through time and was recently reminded in a professional development class that goals need to be explicit and you must have deadlines. So now that I’ve been giving this a shot (again), I’ve realized I need to break this down so that I can look back on each week and rate my performance for goal. I’m currently working on laying on my goals for each week, which I’ll post before the week’s end.

So what do you drink? Do you stick to one thing or do you have variety in what you drink each day?

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