By | March 6, 2012

It seems like Drew was just turning 8. How is it that Alex is turning 8?

I was looking through pics to post with this entry. I continued to see tons of pics with him wearing hats. So I made this little collage…

Maybe his nickname should have been HAT Boy

Dear Alex,
To commemorate this date that you’ve been counting down to for a week now, I decided to write to you, because I know someday neither you nor I will remember these little life details. You are so funny and I may have already written about this before, but you still do this and I love it. You watch commercials so intently. You listen and analyze every detail so that you can determine if you think we should purchase what they’re selling. Recently you’ve done the same thing while riding in the car. You’ll listen to the radio commercials and make comments to let us know you think we should buy what they are advertising.

Every morning you get your pop tart and wait for me to come sit down. When I’m busy dealing all there is to deal with in the mornings, you beg me to come sit down. Your mornings are not complete until you have sat in my lap and I’m ok with that. Those mornings that I’m running around stressed and you strongly encourage me to come sit down, I’m always glad that I did. One day you’ll be too big to sit in my lap and I’ll miss these times.

You are also so good with numbers. You are slightly obsessed at times with math. You amaze me how you rattle off your facts. You are much like your Great Granddad in that way.

You were also blessed with such sensitivity. Someday that will make your wife swoon. You are so caring and thoughtful of others. Now you don’t always show that towards your brother. We’re working on that and I know that goes both ways.

I hope you have a great 8th birthday! I look forward to celebrating many, many more with you.


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