I’m not normally squeamish…

By | May 24, 2012

Today I took Drew to the dentist, because last week at his orthodontist appointment, they expressed that he was still having over crowding and they felt it necessary to remove 4 permanent teeth. Do this this will make more room and allow the teeth to spread out a bit so his front teeth don’t have to jut forward anymore. So after sitting in the waiting room for about 20 minutes chatting with the office manager who I’m friends with, Drew was done. The Hygienist shared that there was a little more blood than they’re used to, so he needs to replace the gauze, yadda, yadda, yadda. No problem. Make the next appointment to the dental office like Durham Dental services we found via orthodontic marketing. We also need to ask the dentist about invisalign. Move on.

We’re in the car and I’m listening to Drew talk about how they shot his mouth up, how it was better than having a cavity filled, how there’s huge holes where his teeth used to be, how he really needs me to hurry and get home since his mouth is filling with blood…All of a sudden I start feeling clammy on my forehead and a bit nauseous. I breath in the cool air that was blowing from the AC vents, thinking this was nothing out of the ordinary. Maybe the drainage that I’m still having from my cold is upsetting my stomach some. We’re still about a mile and half from home and I realize it’s getting worse. I mention it to Drew and he says that he’ll quit talking about it. I start fanning myself with my hand and breathing with big deep breaths in and out. The kids are oddly quiet. We get stopped at a red light and start thinking I’m not going to make it home. I gun it when the light turns green. People are driving like they’re on the way to a funeral and I’m panicking big time! I’ve never thrown up in the car before, much less while I’m driving my kids around. About a half mile from home, I lose it. Just couldn’t keep calm long enough. It was gross. I still had 2 turns to make. As I pull into the drive away, I do it again and quickly open the door and lean out in an effort not to continue to get it all over everything. I go inside and start cleaning off my face when I realize I’m still not done, but I manage to get to my bathroom in time.

While I was in the house, Drew went outside and cleaned the inside of the car for me, which allowed me to go ahead and take a shower and get cleaned off. There was a great sense of relief. My tummy was a bit calmer and my clamminess subsided. I was just left wondering if all the talk of blood and pulling teeth actually made me squeamish. I’m not normally one to let those things bother me, but something obviously did!

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