Halloween Party 2011

By | October 28, 2011

Some really good friends of ours, J & R, have a big Halloween party every year where each of their kids gets to invite 5 kids each, so there was about 25-30 kids. Needless to say they needed our help. Rob and R have become great friends over the past couple of years. R’s boys are in our cub scout pack and R is one of the Assistant cub masters. Although our kids are varying in age, you would never know. We’ve been over to their house a few times in the last couple months and we don’t hear a peep out of any of the 6 of them! That’s pretty amazing. Anyway, serious digression there…So we went to the party to help out as R & J made up a bunch of games along with a haunted house and they really needed some more adult help and supervision.

Us…me as a baby, Rob as Trooper Taylor, Drew as Cam Newton, Alex as an Alien
Saucer Halloween Party 2011

J-PicsOfHalloweenPary2011 - 7

Pinata fun!
J-PicsOfHalloweenPary2011 - 5

Pop the Balloon!
J-PicsOfHalloweenPary2011 - 6

J-PicsOfHalloweenPary2011 - 2

The S kids
J-PicsOfHalloweenPary2011 - 4

Candy Corn game
J-PicsOfHalloweenPary2011 - 3

R as “Big Mama”
"Big Mama"

*pics from the party were taken by J with a little editing by me

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