I had all the intentions of getting this post up yesterday, when every else did, but I got busy and actually never even looked at my To Do List. Do y’all ever do that?

I wrote an insta post last night about making cookies. Well really I’m not making them (from scratch), but I’m baking them from a tub. I would love to make some cookies from scratch, but honestly with preparing lunch and dinner almost every single day that’s enough!

I miss being able to just go to Target, TJMaxx, Ross, or Hobby Lobby and stroll through the aisles. Not looking for anything in particular. I just enjoy going to one of these stores every week or maybe every other week. Well I think it’s been over 2 months since I’ve been. I know I can go to Target, but ‘they’ are frowning upon just going to store to browse. They want us in and out!

Well I just got a Ninja Max XL Air Fryer, so I busted it out the other day. So far I’ve made bacon, frozen fries, and I’ve used the air broil option to melt cheese on top of chicken. I plan to write a post about the air fryer after I’ve used it more.

2020-04-29 10.33.35

Overall working from home is a lot less stressful. So I’m loving having little to no stress.

I have been in the Word a lot more lately. With more time on our hands, I’m able to make more time to read in Bible App as well as actually doing a Bible Study. Although I’m not a member of Highland Park UMC, I really enjoy watching sermons by Matt Tuggle. I know about this church in the Dallas area of Texas, because my Dad got remarried there and I believe I have an Aunt and Uncle that are members. I’m doing a Bible Study called The One Thing.

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