Friday Forum – Money, Money, Money

By | June 24, 2005

I joined Friday Forum today. And here’s the questions for today:

1. If someone gave you $100 right now, how would you spend it and why? (No catches are involved; you can spend the money anywhere and in any way you want.) Would you make a bunch of small purchases or use the money for one big item?

Uhhh…I’d probably spend it on clothes for my boys like I always do. Or I might get stuff for their bathroom that I’m in the process of collecting stuff for it so that I can redo it in a Nautical theme.

2. Do you consider yourself financially savvy? Do you have a good handle on your own financial status? Are you the person who primarily keeps track of your (or your family’s) finances? Do you use a computer program or balance your checkbook by hand? Have you look into details like transfer ctf to junior isa for your future children?

My husband and I keep up with our finances together on Quicken. We pay bills together and do budgets together, etc!

3. Do you ever play the lottery? Why/why not? Do you think that it would completely change your life, or would you try to continue with the way you’d been living before? What types of lottery games do you play, and how often?

No, never play the lottery. My state doesn’t have the lottery. If I won the lottery, it would depend on how much won.

4. Are you a coupon cutter and bargain hunter, or is money no object to you? Do you tend to do things yourself to save money or pay someone else to do them? Or are you somewhere in-between?

I don’t like to cut coupons, because you can buy the store brand that’s even cheaper. I do try to be thrifty and get the most for my money.

5. What’s the largest amount of money that you’ve ever held in your hands?

Hmmmm…cash? $2,000. In checks? $10,000 or something like that.

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