**Yes, another picture of Daisy. I just can’t help myself. She is so photogenic and doesn’t mind the camera, unlike Rosie who would practically run away when she saw me get my camera out.**

Daisy is adjusting nicely still. We’ve quickly learned some of her tendencies, which has helped us to know how she may react in certain situations. I was concerned about her response to the craziness that would probably occur while we watched the National Championship game, but she sat right at my feet. She stayed pretty calm most of the time and we never had to resort to putting her in the cage like I thought we may have to.

The first night she was here, we were curious what she would do when it was time to go to sleep. Rosie used to sleep in our room over in the corner in her bed. Tracy’s husband had mentioned that Daisy is used to sleeping in the cage at night. So we decided to bring her into the bedroom and see how she did. Well, she was a bit out of sorts. At first it seemed like she really wanted up in the bed with us, so we loved on her (not in the bed) and then told her it was time to go night-night. She barked a little and just didn’t seem comfortable, so Rob went and got the cage and set it up in our room and put her big pillow in there. She did pretty well, but still whined some. So a little later Rob ended up closing the door for her and she was fine. The next night she slept with the door open and last night, she slept out of her cage most of the night on my side of the bed on the floor.

She is so funny, when any of us hug each other, she seems to get jealous and she jumps up on us like she wants to be included.

Today I finally got Rosie’s old beds out of storage and washed them. Here you see she has made herself at home. This is without any encouragement from us, just merely putting the bed down next to the fire place in the living room where we spend most of our time.

She really knows how make herself at home!