Daisy::Our Newest Addition

By | January 8, 2011

Meet the newest edition to our family. This beautiful Pembroke Welsh Corgi is Daisy. Some of you may recognize her if you read Tracy’s blog. I “met” her when I started doing the Mommytography project. She commented on my header, which you’ll notice has a Corgi on it. I responded in saying that we were currently Corgi-less, because Rosie passed away last year. Never did I think she would respond saying that she had a Corgi that she would like to find a good home for. I talked it over with Rob and after talking back and forth with Tracy through email, we decided that Daisy sounded like a great fit for our family. It just so happens that Tracy lives in Alabama, so we arranged to meet halfway today.

After we got home with her today, we let her check out the house and the backyard. Then, we took her for a walk and over to meet the neighbors. She’s adjusting beautifully. We are all so excited to have her and so thankful to Tracy and her family for such a precious gift. We will take very good care of her.

In fact, I’m sure you can expect to be inundated with Daisy pics and facts. The boys have already wanted me to take about 1,000 pics of her.

Day 7 {Daisy}

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