We are the Champions!

By | January 15, 2011

This season has been nothing less than remarkable and amazing. I agree with Coach Chizik in saying that to try and describe it would “cheapen it.” As Auburn Alum and die-hard fans, Rob and I go into every football season hoping and praying that Auburn plays well and goes to good bowl game. After the 2004 season losing a chance to play for the National Championship, it seemed as if we would probably never live to see Auburn do that well again. This team proved us wrong and we are so glad they did!

Here’s when ESPN Game Day came for the Clemson Game

During College Game Day





Here’s Drew after the win against Arkansas

Drew at Toomer's after Auburn's win over Arkansas

Here’s my honey and me after our win against South Carolina in the SEC Championship Game. Excited to be heading to the National Championship in January!

Celebrating at Toomer's after winning the SEC

At Toomer's after the SEC Championship Game

During the Auburn Christmas Parade, this sign caught my eye.

Auburn Christmas Parade 2010

Sign at Byron’s

Heading to the National Championship Game ~ Jan. 10, 2011

Here’s Daisy all dressed and ready for the game. You know, Rob does NOT approve of dogs wearing clothing, but Daisy wore clothes with her previous family, so we obliged and found an old T-shirt of Alex’s.
Daisy ready for the game!

After our win against Oregon, I was waiting for the kids to get ready to head to the corner. I snapped this picture of the TV with Cam being interviewed.

Cam on TV after the Game

So after the big win over Oregon we headed down to the corner for the celebration. This celebration brought in 1,000’s of fans. Hotels were booked. Tailgaters filled the campus. Even with the ice storm. You know nothing stops the Auburn Family. BUT…would you believe right after I snapped this pic, my battery in my camera died. Did I have an extra? Um…no. 🙁 Even still we stayed down at the corner awhile longer and celebrated.

Toomer's after the BIG win!

Tuesday during lunch we went down the corner to see the rolling and to get some more pictures.

1.11.11 {Rolling of Toomer's Corner: The Day After}

1.11.11 {Rolling of Toomer's Corner: The Day After}

1.11.11 {Rolling of Toomer's Corner: The Day After}

Day 11 {The Rolling of Toomer's Corner:National Champs}

1.11.11 {Rolling of Toomer's Corner: The Day After}

1.11.11 {Rolling of Toomer's Corner: The Day After}

The Headlines…





Pre-season rankings AP Poll #22/USA Today Poll #23 (Not that I put much stock in these things, but just to remember…)


09/04/10 vs. Arkansas State W, 52-26
09/09/10 at Mississippi State W, 17-14
09/18/10 vs. Clemson W, 27-24 (OT)
09/25/10 vs. South Carolina W, 35-27
10/02/10 vs. Louisiana-Monroe W, 52-3
10/09/10 at Kentucky W, 37-34
10/16/10 vs. Arkansas W, 65-43
10/23/10 vs. LSU W, 24-17
10/30/10 at Mississippi W, 51-31
11/06/10 vs. Chattanooga (HC) W, 62-24
11/13/10 vs. Georgia W, 49-31
11/26/10 at Alabama W, 28-27
12/04/10 vs. South Carolina [SEC Championship] W, 56-17
01/10/1 vs. Oregon [National Championship] W, 56-17

Just a collection of articles for my later reference.
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