Den Meeting at the Lake {Conservation Project}

By | April 21, 2012

Friday we made a trip over to Lake Martin, so the boys in our den could get another requirement for the World Conservation Award, they’ve been working on. Our den leader, Mr. W., has a friend, Mr. M, who has a house on the lake. One of the things he enjoys doing to help the fish is dropping seasoned Christmas trees in the lake, which gives the little fish a safe haven from the bigger fish. So the boys got to help with this process, which is described below…

Step 1: We did this step back right after Christmas. We all saved our Christmas trees, and Mr. W. came by and got the trees and stored them until we could go out to the lake.

Step 2: We brought the trees out to the lake with us. Mr. M took a good look at them to ensure there was nothing on the tree that would hurt the marine life.
Pack29Den5LakeMartinApril2012 - 041

Step 3: The trees were put in the water in preparation to be waited down.
Pack29Den5LakeMartinApril2012 - 049

Step 4: The cinder blocks were brought down to the dock along with some rope. The rope was attached to each block before putting them into the canoe.
Pack29Den5LakeMartinApril2012 - 080

Step 5: Here Alex helps attach the cinder block to the tree with the other end of the rope.
Pack29Den5LakeMartinApril2012 - 081

Pack29Den5LakeMartinApril2012 - 082

Pack29Den5LakeMartinApril2012 - 084

Step 6: The cinder block is put into the canoe, while the tree hangs down and is pulled along next to the canoe in the water.
Pack29Den5LakeMartinApril2012 - 091

Step 7: The guys canoed out to the location where the tree and weight will be dropped. It’s much more difficult to paddle out because of the weight of the cinder block.
Pack29Den5LakeMartinApril2012 - 101

Step 8: Arrive at the desired location and carefully put the block on the side of the canoe allowing the weight and tree to sink to the bottom.
Pack29Den5LakeMartinApril2012 - 104

Step 9: Paddle back to the dock. Since it was so much easier, the boys got to help on the way back!
Pack29Den5LakeMartinApril2012 - 108

Pack29Den5LakeMartinApril2012 - 116

Pack29Den5LakeMartinApril2012 - 117

Here’s a little more info that I found on Take Me Fishing Dot Org.
fish habitat conservation

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