Auburn Vet School Open House 2012

By | April 21, 2012

Today was Auburn’s Vet School Open House. It’s a free event for families to come see what goes on at the vet school, also used a recruiting tool for potential veterinary majors. We always enjoy it and learn a lot too! Here’s a few pics:

Pony…oh how cute!
AuburnVetSchoolOpenHouse2012 - 44

Petting the bird
AuburnVetSchoolOpenHouse2012 - 61

Bomb dog demonstration
AuburnVetSchoolOpenHouse2012 - 63

I believe this is a Newfoundland watching the bomb dog demonstration.
AuburnVetSchoolOpenHouse2012 - 67

The last one we went to was in 2009, see pics of it here.

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