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By | April 7, 2022

/getting/ Finally, getting my house back in order after being on vacation. So much to deal with after having to buy 8 days worth of clothes and we ended up not using everything we bought, so I’ve got to return a bunch of stuff to Walmart. Unpacking bags that never got opened during vacation…Read about that here.

/going/ Hmmm…I guess this weekend I’ll be going to an AU baseball game (nothing new there) and a bridal shower/lunch for Drew’s best friend’s fiance.

/planning/ We just booked another cruise for July. The deals for Carnival VIFP (Very Important Fun Person) members are just too good to pass up. When we booked our cruise it shows a countdown. What’s scary to me is that July is like 90 days away. Sheesh!

/posting/ I’m working on editing the 1,000+ photos from the cruise and getting those posts up.

/thinking/ Thinking about all the things coming up. Bridal showers, prom, weddings, graduations…Busy, busy, busy!! Blah!

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4 thoughts on “Currently::April 2022

  1. Joanne

    How exciting to have another cruise countdown already going!!

  2. Jennifer

    Ok, I just read your cruise post. Yep, that is coming off my bucket list! Not sure it was ever really there – but now the deal is sealed. Oh my….what a story!!


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