Carnival Horizon – Time on the Ship

By | April 8, 2022

Happy Thursday, everyone! Today I’m continuing my posts about our cruise that we took last month. If you missed our misadventures getting to Miami you can read about that here>>>>Getting to Miami. Today I’m sharing about the time while on the ship, including embarkation day, evenings after being at port, and of course, the fun days at sea.

Here’s a few details on the cruise:
Carnival Horizon
8 Day Itinerary
Miami > 2 Days at Sea > Aruba > Bonaire > La Romana > Amber Cove > Day at Sea > Miami
Cabin 2220 (Port hole)


My in laws (Alice & David) were in Cabin 2218 (Interior)
We let them have the port hole cabin at first, but due to the layout of the room they wanted to trade with us, so they would have more room to get around the beds.


On Embarkation Day, since we were so late getting on the ship we had to drag all of our luggage on instead of checking it (where it gets delivered to your cabin). Since we were there 30 minutes before they close doors and let no one else embark, there was no line for check-in and we made it to our cabin, but we were drenched with sweat from lugging our luggage all that way. Rob and I just felt so gross, so he hopped in the shower first thing. I just changed clothes and decided to wait and get a shower before dinner.

After that we met up with Alice & David and made our way over to the Liquid Lounge for our Muster Drill, which due to COVID has been revamped and is SO much better! Thank goodness!!

We made it up on deck before leaving Miami to take in the gorgeous views.


Miami is a huge port with lots of cruise ships docked on the weekends. We watched a couple ships leave before ours.


From there we enjoyed the deck party for a few minutes. DJ Cruz had it rockin’! I wanted to dance, but there wasn’t much reserve energy for that at that point. I had fun watching from above though.



Our days at sea on this cruise were spent eating, sitting on deck in a quiet area, laying out by the pool or in the pool, napping, shopping on board, etc.


I loved that A & D joined us by the pool.

I kept my eye out for hidden rubber duckies. I ended up finding 2 in the first couple of days.
Everything you need to know about Cruise Ducks


Rob wanted to ride the SkyRide, but it was closed a couple times due to high winds. He finally got ride it and loved it! That’s him waving.


Here’s the view of the track zoomed out.


We didn’t go to too many of the activities on board during the day, but we did watch the parachute drop and the ice carving.



In the evenings on board, you could find us checking out happening areas around the ship, like the Havanna Bar, the Piano Bar, out on deck enjoying the night air, at the Broadway-like shows, comedian shows, and of course going to get 24 hour ice cream!



We usually get a slice of pizza for a snack when there’s no other food open, but on this ship the line was always so long!

Keys McLaughlin was the Piano Bar guy. He was really good and quite funny. I appreciated that the after hours when kids are discouraged from coming, he wasn’t too vulgar and over the top with the “F” words.






The Havanna Bar was a hopping place with beautiful aesthetics and a live Latin band to make you wanna move those hips. Both of these pics are from when we were there during the day checking it out.



Our first formal night was on the 2nd Fun Day at Sea.



The last night on the cruise Michael Menes, a creative juggling and variety performer, performed. Unfortunately, we had a hard time enjoying this show because of the terrible lighting that shined in our face the entire time.


Here we are the last night of the cruise with our waiters, Arnold and his assistant.


Even though the daily activities are on the Carnival Hub app, you can still get printed Carnival Fun Times at the Customer Service Desk. They’re just a 2 sides page now and I’ve scanned them in to refer back to. >>> Carnival Fun Times

So in a very quick nutshell that’s what we did on board the Carnival Horizon.

To see more pictures from on board >>>> Click here

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4 thoughts on “Carnival Horizon – Time on the Ship

  1. Tanya

    Looks like such a nice time, after you were able to get on board and relax!

  2. Joanne

    It looks like you had a fabulous time once you made it on board with some clothing. I still feel so bad for all you had to go through to get there!!

  3. Marilyn

    Thanks for sharing this cruise post! I am going on a cruise on this same ship, so it was good to see pictures. Can’t wait!

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